Webinar on "Role of Oncology Clinical Pharmacist in Cancer Management" was conducted on the occasion of World Cancer Day on 4th February, by Innovative Communication Club (I2C), MCOPS, Manipal

February 04, 2022


The webinar on the topic “Role of Oncology Clinical Pharmacist in Cancer Management” was conducted on the occasion of World Cancer Day (4th February), by Innovative Communication Club (I2C), MCOPS, Manipal. The webinar started at 03:00 pm with a welcome speech by Mr. Muhammed Rashid, Vice-president, I2C, who coordinated the session and introduced the speaker, Dr. Priyank Tripathy, Oncology Clinical Pharmacist, Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd., Bangalore.

The discussion started with the role of oncology clinical pharmacist in dose monitoring during chemotherapy, new protocol design for various new therapies, education to the patient, team contribution to the use of anti-infective including antimicrobials, antifungals, and antivirals based on the type of organism and their site of infection. Dr. Priyank also focused on the topics like prophylaxis and treatment of patients with the immunocompromised conditions and infectious diseases. Focus was also given on what prophylaxis is considered during the surgery or for solid malignant patients, monitoring the safety of patients for any recurrence, management of drug toxicities and analysis of adverse drug reactions in patients. Communication to respective agenesis regarding the toxicities of drugs, training of other health professionals, identification of medication errors, contribution to the translational research, patient protocol development, cross verification of all parameters and sample collection from the patients etc were also discussed during the webinar.

The webinar was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. Ajinkya Nikam, President, I2C,  who thanked all those who helped for the smooth conduct of the program.