Online Guest Lecture on “Industrial Expectations” by Dr Ruchir Bhomia

August 05, 2023


The Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance (PQA), Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS), MAHE, Manipal organized a Guest Lecture entitled “Industrial Expectations” on 05 August 2023 via online platform. Dr Ruchir Bhomia, PhD, Senior Project and Program Manager, Sekisui  Diagnostics was the resource person for the session.

The event commenced at 3:00 PM with a warm welcome by Dr Sudheer Moorkoth, the Professor and Head of the PQA Department. Dr Moorkoth introduced the distinguished speaker, Dr Ruchir Bhomia, highlighting his remarkable career achievements and contributions to the field of pharmacy. Dr. Bhomia's extensive experience  in project and program management, particularly in the renowned organization Sekisui Diagnostics, made him an ideal candidate to share insights on industrial expectations.

Dr Bhomia initiated the lecture by emphasizing the significance of health and fitness in his personal and professional life, setting an inspiring tone for the session. He shared his journey of growth in the pharmaceutical industry, providing attendees with valuable  insights into his career trajectory. The lecture encompassed various critical aspects of industrial expectations, including Technical Knowledge (Fundamentals), Right Attitude and Adaptability, Communication Skills, Ethical Understanding, Business Acumen and Key Skills for Career Growth. Dr Ruchir stressed the importance of a strong foundation in technical knowledge. He highlighted that possessing a solid grasp of fundamentals is essential for effectively navigating complex challenges in the industry. He encouraged participants to be open-minded and collaborative, fostering an environment conducive to growth. He emphasized that communication goes beyond language proficiency and encompasses active listening and understanding.  The commercial aspects of the pharmaceutical business were addressed, shedding light on the need to understand the economic dynamics and strategic considerations that drive industry success.

Following the lecture, an interactive question and answer session ensued, allowing participants to engage directly with Dr Ruchir. PhD scholars and MPharm students posed a range of thoughtful questions. Dr Ruchir expertly addressed each query, sharing practical insights and real-world examples.

The online guest lecture concluded with a vote of thanks extended by Dr Sudheer Moorkoth on behalf of the PQA Department. The lecture provided valuable perspectives on industrial expectations, equipping students and scholars with insights to better prepare for successful careers in the pharmaceutical sector. The event successfully fostered a bridge between academia and industry, inspiring attendees to align their aspirations with the realities of the professional world.