E-symposium on International Collaborations in Pharmacy - Present and Beyond

August 12, 2023


As part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS) organized an enlightening E-symposium centered around the theme "International Collaborations in Pharmacy - Present and Beyond" on 12 August 2023 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The event was conducted in an online mode, fostering global connectivity and knowledge exchange. The symposium aimed to explore the significance of international collaborations in various fields, emphasizing their current impact and potential future developments.

The inaugural session of the E-symposium was graced by the esteemed presence of Chief Guest, Dr Karunakar A Kotegar, Director, International Collaborations at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Dr. Kotegar delivered an insightful keynote address, shedding light on the crucial role that international collaborations play in driving innovation, research, and educational excellence across borders.

The first session of the symposium delved into the intriguing topic of microRNA Modulation in Oncology , presented by  Dr. Deepak Bhere , a distinguished researcher from the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology at the School of Medicine, Columbia University, USA. Dr. Bhere's presentation offered valuable insights into the cutting-edge advancements in this critical area of medical research.

Shifting the focus to interdisciplinary education, the second session explored Collaborative Learning for Exceptional Care: The Impact of Interprofessional Education, presented by Dr Sathvik B Sridhar from RAK College of Pharmacy, UAE. Dr Sridhar elucidated the profound impact of interprofessional education on enhancing healthcare practices and patient outcomes.

The morning session reached its culmination with an engaging presentation by Dr Kamal Dua, who shed light on Pharmaceutical Industry Aligned Career Prospects and Higher Education in Australia, drawing from his expertise as a representative of the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia aligning with the symposium's focus on global opportunities.

Commencing the afternoon session, Dr Dewi Hariyadi from the University of Airlangaa, Indonesia, delivered an enlightening presentation on Microencapsulation Based on Natural Polymers for Lung Delivery, a topic of great significance in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

The E-symposium came to a fulfilling close with a dynamic panel discussion on the theme Opportunities in USA and Australia, moderated by Dr Anup Naha, Additional Professor at MCOPS. The panelists, Dr Sohil Khan from the School of Pharmacy, Griffith University, Australia, and Dr. Stephen Kerr from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science, USA, engaged in a thought-provoking discourse, sharing invaluable insights on opportunities and trends in these two prominent nations.

The event garnered substantial interest, with participation from around 250 registered attendees representing 137 colleges across India. This diverse engagement highlighted the event's widespread impact on the academic community.

As the curtains drew on this enlightening event, Dr Anup Naha, the Coordinator for Internationalization at MCOPS, extended his heartfelt gratitude to the resource persons, delegates, and all participants for their active engagement and contributions. The E-symposium served as a platform for fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a broader understanding of the global landscape in pharmaceutical sciences and related fields.

In essence, the Diamond Jubilee E-symposium exemplified MCOPS's commitment to fostering international collaborations and providing a platform for groundbreaking discussions that transcend geographical boundaries, setting the stage for a future of innovation and mutual learning.