Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS organized a Guest lecture by Prof. Kannan Pakshirajan

November 12, 2022


Prof. Kannan Pakshirajan, Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering IIT Guwahati, delivered a guest lecture on the topic “Biological Treatment, Toxicity Removal, and Value Addition to Refinery Wastewater using the Hydrocarbonoclastic Oleaginous Bacterium Rhodococcus opacus’’, through MS Teams for the benefit of faculty, research scholars, and PG students. Prof. Pakshirajan’s talk gave insights into biorefinery, an integrated approach for biomass and waste conversion, and biorefinery products such as chemicals, polymers, resins, biomaterials, food, and fertilizers). Speaker narrated Rhodococcus opacus associated biological treatment and toxicity removal of refinery wastewater. He discussed various methods, merits, and demerits of each method used in this process. The byproducts that are generated by using microorganisms can contribute to the sustainability of this process. The guest lecture was organized by the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS.

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