Guest Lecture by Mr Vijaykumar Shivpuje 

February 15, 2024


Mr Vijaykumar Shivpuje, Director, Patlex Business Solutions, Mumbai, delivered lecture on “Career opportunities in IPR for Pharma students” on 15 February, 2024. He has over 15 years of experience in IPR and has his own firm which provides services in IPR. Besides being a patent agent, he has completed MBA and LLB. Mr Vijaykumar began his lecture with basic concepts related to IPR. Later he dealt with in detail, various career opportunities in IPR. He listed out opportunities sector wise and skills set required to crack interview. He also motivated students to take patent examination and convinced them to take rigorous training and preparation to become a patent agent.  He answered a few questions related to patent agent exam and other IPR related issues.  The lecture was attended by postgraduate students and faculty members of Department of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Management.

Dr D Sreedhar, Additional Professor and Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Management introduced Mr Vijayakumar Shivpuje and also, proposed vote of thanks.