Guest Lecture on Application of LC & LC-MS/MS in Characterization of Degradation Products

March 02, 2024


A guest lecture was organized by the department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences on 2 March 2024, at 3.00 pm in PQA tutorial room, MCOPS by Dr. Anand Avinash Mahajan on the topic “Application of LC-MS/MS in Characterization of Degradation Products”. Dr. Anand Avinash Mahajan, Professor, department of Pharmaceutical Analysis in Goa College of Pharmacy. Professor and Head of Department of PQA, Dr. Sudheer Moorkoth introduced the speaker.


Dr. Anand Avinash Mahajan’s talk span on the regulatory aspects of the degradation process. He mentioned the rationale of forced degradation studies, intrinsic stability, design of robust formulations by pharmacist, fulfillment of regulatory demands for impurities in both NDA & ANDA, determination of qualification threshold of impurities, and so on. He gave highly informative insight on selection of drugs and the chromatographic conditions. He discussed various tips for development of LC-MS compatible methods, characterization of degradants using LC-MS/MS system and how to determine the accurate mass using HRMS.


The lecture was very informative and helped the students in understanding the application of LC-MS/MS system. This guest lecture was concluded with an expression of gratitude by Dr. Sudheer Moorkoth.