MCOPS celebrated the 60th Awards and Annual Day

February 11, 2023


The Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS) held a 60th Awards and Annual Day celebration on 11 February 2023, in the Quadrangle of the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal. The remarkable success of MCOPS over the past 60 years has been attributed to the committed instructors, helpful staff, and entrepreneurial students.

The ceremony began with a prayer hymn, and Dr C Mallikarjuna Rao, the principal, and Dr Krishnamurthy Bhat, the vice-principal, distributed certificates to all the distinction students. Dr Sadhna Joglekar, Head of Global Drug Development, India, Novartis was the chief guests, and Dr Sharath Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor-Health Sciences, Dr P Giridhar Kini, Registrar, MAHE were the guests of Honor of the celebration. The meeting was presided over by Lt. Gen. (Dr) M D.Venkatesh VSM, Vice-Chancellor, MAHE.

In his opening remarks, Dr  C Mallikarjuna Rao welcomed the guests and the audience and thanked everyone who had helped MCOPS flourish. He recognized the valuable of contributions made by the teachers, supporting staff, and resourceful students in shaping MCOPS into the giant it is today. He also commended the students for their participation in extracurricular activities, academic prowess, and research brilliance. The endowment award for the academic year 2021–2022 was the event's high point. Students who have excelled in both their academic performance and their research are given this honour. The academic records, research papers, and extracurricular pursuits of the award recipients were taken into consideration.

At the 60th Awards and Annual Day 2023 ceremony, the principal Dr C Mallikarjuna Rao delivered a thorough assessment of the goals and accomplishments of the year 2022. The institution's academic position and research output met its objectives. He highlighted each department's contributions, in attaining the four major pillars – academics, research, internationalization and placement. The achievements in Teaching Learning Resources (TLR) and Education Process, where new equipment was added across departments, and new programmes were developed with faculty assistance, were also noted by the principal. The presentation also covered outstanding research, webinars, guest lectures, conferences, and training programs held at MCOPS.

The honorable vice-chancellor of MAHE, Lt. Gen. (Dr.) M D Venkatesh congratulated MCOPS on its 60th anniversary and addressed the audience. He lauded the institution's accomplishments in academics, research, and extracurricular activities and emphasized the need for ongoing innovation and progress to stay up with the pharmaceutical industry's shifting landscape. In his motivational address, Dr Sharath Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences, praised the MCOPS administration, professors, and students for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the field of pharmaceutical sciences. He commended the institution's dedication to extracurricular activities, research, and academic quality, as well as its efforts to continue to be a leader in the industry.

Dr Virendra Ligade, Associate Professor introduced the chief guest Dr Sadhana Joglekar.  Dr Sadhana Joglekar through her address motivated the students by narrating stories of the struggle Harvey, Galileo, Einstein and Edison went through before their break through discoveries were recognized by the scientific community. Quoting these examples, she inspired the students to follow their heart and dream big to become successful in life.

During the formal function, endowment awards for students who excelled in various subjects of academics were presented. Dr Manthan Janodia, Professor and Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Management presented the endowment awardees. The Principal Dr C Mallikarjuna Rao declared the professional awards. Dr Usha Y Nayak, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics received Dr TMA Pai Gold medal for outstanding publication for the research paper in which Dr Shivaprasad Gadag is the first author and Dr Usha is the corresponding author.Researcher of the year Award instituted by Dr N Udupa was bagged by Dr Srinivas Mutalik, Professor and Head, Department of Pharmaceutics. This was the fifth time he received this award. The supporting staff of the year award was shared by Mrs Shobha and Mrs Yashoda. The formal function concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Dr Krishnamurthy Bhat, Vice Principal, MCOPS. Dr D Sreedhar, Additional Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Management was the Master of Ceremony.

The students also presented a non-formal event to display their talent in addition to the formal one. The event featured music, dance, dramatic performances, and cultural activities by the students. The celebrations gave platform for the students to display their abilities and network with notable guests, alumni, and business leaders.

The first-year students opened the event with a dance performance, followed by a song written in honour of the graduating final-year class. Following an exhilarating dance performance by the second-year students, the third-year students brought it down to popular Bollywood songs. Anshuman Shettigar, the Secretary of the Cultural Council, then took control of the gathering and thanked the professors and administration for their support. Dr D Sreedhar, Additional Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Management enchanted the audience with a soothing melody. Afterwards, the fifth-year PharmD and MPharm students mounted the stage and performed a choreographed dance routine.  The sixth-year PharmD and DPharm students demonstrated their skills with a coordinated dance performance.

 The Diamond Jubilee Year's graduating class performance was the evening's high point. The students had prepared a dynamic performance that captivated the audience. The graduating class's zeal and vigour inspired the crowd, which was on its feet, applauding and cheering the students. The unofficial gathering was the ideal way to cap off a day of accomplishments and joy. It was encouraging to see the students take the initiative and plan an event highlighting their talents outside the classroom. With students from all over the world and India coming together to celebrate their accomplishments, it was also a reminder of what a lively and diverse community MCOPS is.

 The occasion served as a showcase for the commitment and diligence of the MCOPS teachers, staff, and students. It served as a reminder of the importance of extracurricular activities in giving pupils a well-rounded education. The performances showcased the students' creativity, cooperation, and leadership abilities, which will be helpful to them in the future.

A significant event, the 60th Awards and Annual Day 2023 Celebration at MCOPS, honoured the organization's extensive history, accomplishments, and contributions to the field of pharmaceutical sciences. The occasion showcased the hard work put in by MCOPS' administration, faculty, and students to uphold the organization's position as a pioneer in the industry.

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