3rd Anniversary of the Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre and Inauguration of Global Cancer Consortium 

November 10, 2021


On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre (MCCCC) of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal which was celebrated on 10th November 2021, Dr. Mahadev Rao, Professor and Head of Department of Pharmacy Practice, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented an overview of the Global Cancer Consortium and its collaborators, scope, activities, and impact. He presented the consortium website www.glocacon.org and described various seminars, community outreach series, and mini symposiums held during the previous year. He announced the forthcoming 1st virtual conference which is to be held from 2-4 Dec 2021. Dr. Anil D Cruz, President Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), Director of Oncology, Apollo Hospitals, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, and Former Director, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai was the Chief Guest of the Program. Dr. H S Ballal - Pro-Chancellor, MAHE Manipal presided over the function. Mrs. Vasanti R Pai, Trustee, MAHE Trust, Manipal, Lt. Gen. (Dr) M D Venkatesh - Vice-Chancellor, MAHE Manipal, Dr. PLNG Rao Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Health Sciences, MAHE, Manipal were the Guests of honor of the program. Dr. Anil D Cruz delivered the keynote speech. He emphasized Preventive Oncology, Treatment Equity in Cancer therapy, Cost-effective Innovative Cancer research, and  Quality-of-Life Initiatives.

Mrs Vasanti R Pai launched Global Cancer Consortium and in her speech, she highlighted the importance of community outreach programs and health education in cancer, especially for the benefit of rural women.

Lt. Gen. (Dr) M D Venkatesh discussed the upcoming projects of MAHE like Manipal Hospice and Respite Centre for patients with a terminal illness and Home away from the Home facility for children with cancer and their families. He reiterated that all patients with cancer are being provided with the best possible affordable quality care irrespective of their socioeconomic status. Dr. P L N G Rao enlightened the gathering on the need for new drug discovery to enhance cancer care and its availability and affordability to the population at large. In his presidential address, Dr. H S Ballal emphasized the need for early detection, access to quality treatment, and palliative care for far advanced diseases. He emphasized the humanitarian aspect of cancer care and explained how it should be intertwined with medical care.

During the welcome address, Dr. Sharath Kumar Rao, Dean, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, highlighted the journey and development of the cancer center. Dr. Avinash Shetty, Medical superintendent, KH, Manipal, proposed a vote of thanks.