January 07, 2023

A competition conducted by the prestigious SAE INDIA, the strategic alliance partner of SAE International, registered in India as an Indian non-profit Engineering and Scientific Society dedicated to advancing the mobility industry in India. Representatives from reputed Corporations such as ANSYS, Honeywell, Boeing, Mathworks, and AARAV Unmanned Systems, among many others, graced the competition with their presence.
A grueling competition consisting of 2 phases wherein the 52 teams that competed were asked to submit a Design Report of the autonomous UAV model based on a unique problem statement that involved target identification and a Payload Drop.
This was further depicted through a Technical Presentation where the AeroMIT team bagged an Overall National Rank of #7 out of 19 short-listed teams for Phase 2.
The Second Phase, conducted in November, comprised a Technical Presentation, Technical Inspection and was concluded with 3 Flight Rounds.
 Team Achievements:
First Round: #7 out of 19 Shortlisted Teams
Second Round: #1 out of the remaining 19 teams