Unveiling of the V15 by Team Manipal Racing

It is a successful major  student project. 

March 01, 2024

Team Manipal Racing on the incredible unveiling of the V15, outstanding 4WD all-terrain vehicle. This remarkable achievement marks a monumental stride in our 15-year journey of innovation and engineering excellence. This unveiling showcases unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in the realm of automotive engineering.

Equipped with a 10 hp engine and a seamlessly integrated custom CVT and gearbox, the V15 delivers an impressive 550Nm of torque to the wheels. It effortlessly conquers the toughest terrains, displaying grace while towing a 2.5-ton tractor and reaching a top speed of 65 km/h. Not just robust, but designed to handle unexpected scenarios, capable of enduring falls up to 9ft, ensuring a smooth, resilient performance while always prioritizing driver safety. The team was successful in pushing the boundaries and establishing new benchmarks in automotive engineering.