FOSS Hack 3.0 Winners

March 27, 2023

Team Helios, including Ronan Mark D’Souza, a student of third-year Data Science Engineering, Ashwinraj Manikandan, and Darpan Theng, students of third-year Aeronautical Engineering, along with Karan Gandhi, a student of second-year computer science and Engineering, have won the FOSS Hack 3.0 ( ) and received prize money of Rs 1 lakh.
Three weeks ago, they got the opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting hackathons held at RV University, Bangalore, to participate as a team and portray their rocketry skills and knowledge. Further making, it open source for helping the upcoming model rocketry teams in India.

They built Helios, a 6-Degree of Freedom Rocket Simulator which would help to calculate different aerodynamic parameters, range, altitude, and drift distances after recovery, and many more things for a model rocket with high accuracy. The team made this whole simulator in python and uploaded it as a package on PyPI. It is available to everyone and can be installed in any Python environment.