AppLab Inauguration

March 18, 2023

 36-hour App development Hackathon and App exhibition: APPLAB - HACKXHiBIT:

The MAHE-level Hackathon and Tech Exhibition, AppLab HackXhibit '23, took place on 17/3/2023, bringing together students interested in problem-solving. The Apple Developers' Group organized the event and was supported by Innovation Centre, MAHE. Participants competed in two events: a 36-hour HACKathon and a tech EXHIBITion. There were cash prizes worth 1.5 lakhs, with special awards for women-only teams and teams that designed apps for W20 problem areas. The hackathon required teams to develop websites or mobile apps that solved problems in W20, Innovation, or Upliftment. The exhibition showcased innovative apps built by MAHE students, with online participation allowed for those currently out of station doing internships.