Research @ MIT

The institute undertakes sponsored research programs supported by funding agencies suchas DST, CSIR, AICTE, and the Ministry of Environmental Sciences. It has collaborative research programs in association with premier research laboratories and institutes in Indiaand abroad.



Total ongoing research projects is 61. Total grants received in the last five years is 17 Cr. The grants were received from different government organization like DST, SERB, ICMR etc.


Department of Biotechnology Engineering gets INR 60 lakhs sanctioned grant from ICMR, SERB and VGST in the year 2021.


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering  gets INR 22.2 lakhs sanctioned grant from SERB in the year 2021.                                                                                 


We have filed 75 patents in last six years. Number of patent granted is 11.


Research scholar form Department of Physics received Inspire Fellowship of Rs. 21 lakhs from DST, New Delhi in the year 2021.

Focused Research Areas

Manipal fosters both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and our research areas are focused on the critical issues facing the world.

Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Energy

Many faculty and students from the department of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physic and Chemistry, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Civil Engineering are working in this area.  


Communication, Networks & Automation

Many faculty and students from the department of Computer Science & Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Electron and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering and Mechatronics are working in this area,



Faculty and students from the department of Mechanical Engineering and Biotechnology are  working in this area.



Computational and Intelligence Systems

Many faculty and students from the department of Computer Science & Engineering and Information and Communication Technology are working in the area of computational and intelligence systems.



Department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering are working in the area of Biomechanics.

Material Science and Engineering

Students and Faculty from the Department of Mechanical, Electronics and Communication, Aeronautical and Automobile, Physics, Biomedical, Instrumentation and Control and Chemical Engineering are working in this area.


Applied and Computational Mathematics

Department of Mathematics is working in this area.



Innovation and Technology Management

Department of Humanities and Management is working in the area of innovation and technology management.



Biomedical Instrumentation, Image and Signal Analysis.

Faculty and students from the department of  Biomedical, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, and Electrical and Electronics  are  working in this area.




Department of Physics, Chemistry, Biomedical, Electronics and Communictioan, and Instrumentation and Control Engineering  are  working in the area of sensors.



Student Research

Student are encouraged to publish their work in International Journals and Conferences. Total number of student publication in last five years is 600. In last two years total number of student publication is 125.


Consultancy Details

Mechanical Stream

Facilities Available

Consultancy/Testing services offered

Media Technology Lab

Colour Management Testing Equipment

Paper and Board Testing Equipment

Paper and Board Tests

Colour Tests

Adhesive binding tests

Mechatronics Lab

Hydraulic and Pneumatic kits
PLCs kits


Aeronautical & Automobile Lab

Fatigue Testing Machine
Compression Moulding Machine
Filament winding machine
Beam test setup
Wagner beam setup
Vibration beam setup
Vickers Hardness Tester
Brinel Hardness tester
Ultrasonic flow detector
Torsion testing machine
Leaf spring testing machine (ACM)
Hot air oven

Crank shaft grinding machine
Vertical fine boring machine
Hydraulic honing machine
Line boring machine

Electrical system tester (Automotive Machine shop)
Computerized wheel aligner
Computerized wheel balancer (transmission lab
System tester
Nozzle test bench
Albatross Simulator + CLS
Satellite Communication Trainer
Radar Trainer
Digital Data Bus Communication - MIL-STD 1553B (PCI-1553, SIM-1553, SIM-ARINC429)

Spectrum Analyzer [USB Spectrum Analyzer- RSA306-USB]
Antenna Design & Simulation Software
Subsonic Wind Tunnel
Six component balancer
Hot wire anemometer


Testing of all materials and fabrication of composites
Wind tunnel testing
3D printing


Mechanical Lab

CNC Turning Center, 3 axis-CNC Vertical Machining Center, Polymer 3-D Printer, Accelerometer-based force dynamometer, Rheometer, Lubricity tester, Scratch tester, Digital micro-hardness tester, Olympus microscope, perthometer, Infrared camera (600-degree Celsius)

Machined components using CNC Turning Center and 3 axis-CNC Vertical Machining Center. Microhardness analysis, Microstructural analysis of metals and alloys, Surface roughness of components, Rheology and lubricity of fluids, semi-solids, Scratch test of coatings including thin films, Polymer 3D printing



Computer Stream

Facilities Available

Consultancy/Testing services offered

PARAMSEVAK High Performance Computing, HP PROLIANT SERVER WITH GPU High Performance Computing, Jetson boards, Raspberry pi etc.


Quality Assurance to Mobile and Web applications, NLP based applications for healthcare and other domains, Development of application for Medical Image Analysis using Computer Vision/Deep Learning Techniques, Application development for healthcare and Agriculture domain, IoT based applications, Intelligent applications for quality inspections, Cyber Forensic, Biometric Systems, Smart Cities, Healthcare Management, ERP Applications, Cyber Security


Civil Stream

Facilities Available

Consultancy/Testing services offered

Soil Mechanics Lab:   


 SBC calculation,

Field density and field water content

Grain size analysis,

Hydrometer analysis

Atterberg limits


Standard compaction

Modified copaction

CBR test

Shear strength parameters (UCC test, Triaxial test, Direct shear test).








Surveying Lab:

Total station and levelling instruments        

Land survey

Construction survey

Structural Engineering Laboratory:

Universal Testing Machine

Tension test on rebars/ Prestressing wires

Compression Testing Machine

Compression Test on Cubes

Prestressing unit with hydraulic jack

Compression Test on Solid blocks/interlocking pavers/Laterite stones/bricks


Density test on solid blocks/laterite stones/bricks


Water absorption test on solid blocks/laterite stones/bricks


Moisture content test on solid blocks/laterite stones/bricks


Toughness test on FRC beams + flexural test on beams.


Chloride test on hardened concrete specimen


Flexural test on beams

Strength of Materials Lab:

Brinells Hardness and  

Rockwell Hardness Testing m/c. 

Testing hardness of steel, Aluminum, brass, Copper 

Compression Testing Machine, 2000 kN 

Testing Concrete cube and cylinder, Paving Blocks, Paving Blocks,  

U.T.M. 1000kN with Hydraulic grip 6 Pillar type 

Testing steel specimens for tension 


Concrete and Highway Material Testing Lab:

Compression testing machine, flexural testing machine, Apparatus for testing bitumen, crushing strength test apparatus, abrasion testing apparatus, concrete permeability apparatus, pycnometer, carbonation chamber, Marshall stability apparatus, IS sieves, Tile testing apparatus.

  • Test on coarse aggregate (grading, specific gravity, elongation and flakiness index, abrasion test, crushing strength test)
  • Test on fine aggregate (grading, specific gravity, bulking)
  • Test on bitumen (penetration grading, viscosity, flash and fire point, consistency, ductility)
  • Test on cement (fineness, specific gravity, strength)
  • Test on concrete (cube compression strength, flexural strength, split tensile strength)
  • Test on mortar (cube compression strength)
  • Test on bricks (water absorption, strength)
  • Test on roofing tiles (water absorption, strength)
  • Test on paver blocks (compression)

Environmental Engineering Lab:

UV Spectrophotometer, Jar test apparatus, COD digester, Kjeldhal nitrogen digester, PH meter, Turbidity meter, Conductivity meter, water analysis kit, Centrifuge.

Water and waste water analysis for BOD, COD, hardness, MPN, chlorides etc.

High volume air sampler, Stack monitoring kit

Gas emission analysis from stack and ambient atmosphere.

Science Stream

Facilities Available

Consultancy/Testing services offered

Chemical Lab

1. UV Spectral Recording
2. FTIR Spectral Recording
4. Oil Testing

1. UV Spectral Recording
2. FTIR Spectral Recording
4. Oil Testing

Chemistry Lab

"1. IR spectrometer

2. UV-Vis Spectrometer

3. Differential scanning calorimetry

4. Thermogravimetric analysis

5. Electrochemical work station

6. Parallel Synthesizer

1. IR and UV spectroscopy
2. Oil testing


Atomic absorption spectrometer
BET surface area  analyser
Particle size analyser,
Thermo gravimetric analyser
Total Organic Carbon analyser
UV spectrometer

serum and urine samples for copper ion determination
wastewater analysis for heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Cr, Ni, Co, As, Zn, Cd, Ag, Fe)
specific surface area for adsorbents and catalysts
thermal stability of materials.
particle size distribution of samples> 500 microns.

Biotechnology Lab

1. Gas Chromatography
3. PCR
4. Antimicrobial testing
5. Microbial load testing


1. Gas Chromatography
2. Antimicrobial testing
3. Microbial load testing