Where the MITians Dare-Himalayan Bicycle Expedition

The first-ever Himalayan Bicycle Expedition from MITians (MIT, Manipal) has achieved its remarkable goal of cycling through the breathtaking Zanskar Valley!

After an adventurous 3-week tour, the team triumphed over numerous challenges, including treacherous roads, water crossings, altitude sickness, strong winds, and demanding living conditions. We commend their resilience and tenacity throughout the journey.

The students exhibited unwavering determination, demonstrating remarkable leadership and responsibility under pressure, even when faced with personal insecurities and vulnerabilities. We couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments!

The team cycled an astounding 500 km in just 14 days, conquering elevations up to an impressive 5053m above sea level. What an incredible feat!

Special shoutout to our amazing team members: Nakshatra, Shravya, Piyush, Jordan, Harsh, and Humesh.