Outstanding performances- Mangalore Triathlon

April 21, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the faculty and students of MIT-Manipal, along with other faculty and students from MAHE constituent institutes, have made us proud with their outstanding performances at the Mangalore Triathlon. We are especially delighted to share that the relay open team of three women from MAHE, consisting of Ms. Poornima Shetty, a 3rd year MIT-Manipal student who swam 1.5kms in the open sea, Dr. Shobha Meena Erappa, a faculty member of MIT-Manipal who cycled for 40kms, and Ms. Niyati Kotian, a 3rd year MIT-Manipal student who ran for 10kms, secured the third place in the competition and received medals and a cash prize of Rs.20,000.
In the solo category, Mr. Krish, a 1st Year MIT-Manipal student, and Dr. Vaibhav Dalal, an intern at KMC Mangalore, showed great potential. In the women's team relay, Dr. Sahana Acharya, a faculty member of KMC Mangalore, finished 4th in the competition.
In the men's category, the relay teams from MAHE, consisting of faculty and students from various institutes, showcased their talent and dedication. We would like to give special recognition to Dr. Santhosh Rai, a faculty member of KMC Mangalore, for his contribution to the men's relay team. Other participants included Varun Biyani, Sughanpranav B., and Abhimanyu Singh, all from MIT-Manipal and in their 1st and 3rd year of studies, as well as Pratham Rohida, Tejas Iyer, and Nigel Fernandes, all from MIT-Manipal and in their 3rd and 4th year of studies. Additionally, Mr. Yash, Anway, and Nishad, all in their 3rd year of studies at MIT-Manipal , participated in the men's relay team.
We extend our warmest congratulations to all the participants for their exceptional performances and for bringing laurels to MAHE. We are proud of the efforts and achievements of our faculty and students, as well as those from other MAHE constituent institutes.