The Department of Prosthodontics, MCODS, Mangalore conducted a continuing professional Development Programme on “Eye for Implantology” on 27th August 2019 at Medical Education Hall, Light House Hill Road, KMC, Mangalore. Dr. Dilip .G. Naik graced this Occasion. Dr. Shobha Rodrigues and Dr. Thilak Shetty elaborated on Diagnosis and treatment planning and anatomic considerations. Dr. Mahesh. M spoke on Implant surgical protocol. Dr. Umesh Pai spoke on Impression techniques in implantology. Dr. Mathai Joseph conducted a Panel discussion and addressed queries raised by the participants. Following these talks, there was a hands on workshop for all the delegates on implant placement on mandibular models, suturing in models, and impression making with Pentamix system. Dr. Joanna demonstrated Suturing Techniques to the Participants. “POST & CORE WORKSHOP” was conducted on 28.08.2019 Session 1 Lecture series on post principles by Dr. Shobha.J. Rodrigues and DR. Puneet Hegde Session 2 Hands on exercise: Post space preparation, Impression making of post space, resin post pattern preparation and fiber post cementation. The programme was emceed by Dr. Sharon Saldanha for the 2 days and was well received by the Audience. Resource Personnel: Dr.Mathai Joseph, Dr. Shobha Rodrigues, Dr. Thilak Shetty. B, Dr. Umesh Pai, Dr. Mahesh .M, Dr. Sharon Saldanha, Dr. Puneeth Hegde, Dr. Joanna