Industry Tie-ups


Manipal Academy of Higher Education has several partnerships with industry to boost innovation and help students in gaining skills that equip them for fulfilling careers.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education has affiliations with industries across the spectrum.

Mobility Sanjeevini software developed in multilateral collaboration with:

  • BoP Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Philips HealthCare
  • PIC
  • Bengaluru and School of Information Sciences
  • ISD Manipal

The Mobility Sanjeevini Software has been designed and developed for field and centre ANMs, as an efficient way to manage medical histories of patients; it also enhances the accessibility of patient details.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI):

Many among the 15,000 students that graduate each year have entrepreneurial aspirations, and dream of creating a Google or Microsoft right here in India.

The Manipal Academy of Higher Education Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI) offers the way ahead for them by providing the environment, infrastructural support and critical mentoring during the first three years of setting up a new venture.
MUTBI was established in 2010, and is one of the 54 TBIs funded by

  • the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB),
  • Department of Science & Technology (DST),
  • Government of India to promote innovation-driven start-ups in the Udupi District.

Faculty Development Program at BoP, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

Collaborations are useful in augmenting the expertise of faculty so that they are geared to meet the challenges of a hyper-connected world.

A two-week Faculty Development Program (FDP) at BoP, Manipal in December 2012 at the Manipal Centre for Information Sciences (MCIS) promoted the idea of mentoring in technical institutes to encourage entrepreneurial talent.

The program was sponsored by

  • the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB),
  • a constituent body of the Department of Science and Technology (DST),
  • Government of India and focussed on the role of teachers as mentors.

Training on Android Applications by Philips in October 2012 at the Wireless Lab, SIS.

Technology sessions were held for postgraduate students from SIS with the objective of providing an insight into Android tools and program development on the Android platform.

It empowered the students to acquire skills that enhanced their employability with technology companies.