Gandhian Centre for Philosophical Arts and Sciences

Gandhian Centre for Philosophical Arts and Sciences is a department which engages with interdisciplinary teaching and research with a view to developing alternative knowledge systems to deal with contemporary crises. The Centre engages with intersectionality of aesthetics, philosophy, ecology, journalism, Gandhian and peace studies.   


The Centre offers :

a) A post-graduate degree  MA in Ecosophical Aesthetics - first of its kind anywhere, is a two-year programme to fulfill the need for ‘art writers’. It is essentially ‘art journalism from ecosophical perspective’. Ecosophy combines ecology and philosophy. The programme includes a philosophical appreciation of all art forms – music, dance, literature, theatre, cinema, painting etc with a focus on writing and ecosophy is the connecting thread. Anyone with graduation or equivalent degree can take up this programme.


b) MA in Art and Peace Studies- an innovative post graduate programme which attempts to connect art and peace studies form a philosophical perspective. It includes areas such as society, polity, development studies, gender studies, Gnadhian studies, journalism, media and international peace and different forms of art such a music, dance, theatre, visul arts and cinema.


c) BA in Aesthetics and Peace Studies- covers awide ranging areas of liberal arts/ humanities and social sciences with a broad framework of Aesthetics and Peace Studies catering to a variety of interests and honing certain specific skills. With this background the students should be able to work in media and art organisations.


d) A certificate programme in Gandhian and Peace Studies: The course intends to add strength to everyone, desirous of shaping oneself in a better way and engaging with a focus on welfare of all i.e. sarvodaya in Gandhian philosophy.


e) A certificate programme in Yakshagana appreciation: Yakshagana is a traditional art form, primarily performed in Coastal Karnataka and Malnad region. It is a complete theatre art in the sense it makes use of instrumental music, songs, dance, dialogues and rich costumes.


f) A certificate programme in Art Appreciation: The course presents an environment for creative thinking and scope for experimentation. It is offered by Centre for Creative and Cultural Studies, a unit of the Gandhian Centre.