The MA program in Geopolitics and International Relations has a comprehensive curriculum mainly dealing with the major Geopolitical regions of the world and how India makes responses through its foreign policy choices. The curriculum also combines and compliments technology with strategy.

Students get a holistic understanding of the ongoing international security discourse. The benefits are seen mainly in terms of getting a quality education, comprehensive exposure and the freedom to choose the area of research interests. The Department organizes special sessions with the experts for a better understanding of the subject. It also encourages, motivates and orients the young minds so that India has a critical mass of strategic analysts and that helps in evolving India’s perspectives on the contemporary world geopolitical environment.

International Collaborations

European Commission-GIR Think Tank Twinning Initiative:

Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, MAHE-Centre for International Relations, University of Warsaw

The EU-India Think Tanks Twinning Initiative 2019 – a public diplomacy project aimed at connecting research institutions in Europe and India funded by the EU. The initiative aims to bring together the brightest minds from the EU and India to develop together ideas on how the two can further strengthen their strategic partnership through cooperation in the fields of foreign and security policy, global governance and international affairs. The Initiative aims to foster interaction between leading Indian and European think tanks through a series of joint projects involving research publications and events. The aim of the Initiative is to bring the vibrant Indian and European think tanks communities together and enable them to help generate better understanding and awareness of the EU in India and vice versa. The goal is also to support a more continued and visible presence of European think tanks in India. The impact of the joint work would stimulate debate and discussion on important global, regional and bilateral issues, foster research and academic discourse, and provide policy analysis and informed guidance to leadership on both sides, thus contributing to enriching the EU-India strategic partnership.

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