October 12, 2021

ROS Manipal of RoboManipal- A Team of MIT Manipal bags I place in Vichesta- the ROS simulation competition category under Takshak 2021 (organized by RoboISM- IIT ISM Dhanbad), the largest Robotics Fest of India, with 2500+ participants and 400+ teams from across the country. This event hosted a variety of competitions, workshops, tech talks, and battle nights during the six days (1st October - 6th October 2021).

Vichesta, a category under Takshak, was a ROS simulation competition. The theme of the task was to develop and refine a path planning algorithm that would allow a robot to navigate the given environment. There would be hurdles to avoid and tasks to accomplish before the bot finally reaches the end goal. Teams were judged based on the accuracy of the tasks completed, obstacle avoidance, and the completion time to reach the end goal. 50+ teams participated in this event.

Names of Top 3 Teams:

1) ROSManipal - Manipal Institute of Technology

2) ProtoBot - IIT (BHU), Varanasi

3) Cybernauts - IIT (BHU), Varanasi