January 10, 2022

Team Manipal Racing – Electric has been selected as a Brand Ambassador of BAJA SAEINDIA 2023, based on their overall performance in the previous seasons with respect to other colleges in Karnataka state.

Team started its operations in 2020 and participated in the maiden physical event, e BAJA 2022 organized by BAJA SAEINDIA at NATRAX, Pithampur, Indore, Madhya Pradesh during 1st to 5th June, 2022. SAE India has recognized the success of the team in the event and selected it as a Brand Ambassador of BAJA SAEINDIA 2023, one of the two teams from Karnataka and 37 teams, all over India.

The objective of the Brand Ambassador Program is to increase the outreach of BAJA SAEINDIA all over the country, providing assistance to colleges and teams within the respective state/areas in terms of registration and administrative & technical support, with respect to the event. 

The Brand Ambassador team are the mentors to new Colleges/Teams within their respective states/areas.

Benefits of Brand Ambassador Team -

· The Ambassador team gets an opportunity to network among their peers from different colleges.

· The Ambassador team can generate funds/sponsorship for conducting physical workshops hosted by them, with approval from BAJA SAEINDIA Organizing Committee

· A Brand Ambassador Certificate will be issued to the respective colleges, and the best Brand Ambassador Team shall be awarded based on the performance throughout the year as a Brand Ambassador during the physical dynamic event.