March 28, 2022

Department of Information and Communication Technology conducted a two-day annual workshop, ping The inaugural function was held on 25-03-2022. The theme of the workshop was "Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science” organized by the Department of I & CT in association with Deutsche Bank, Bangalore. The workshop was conducted offline as well as online mode. The inaugural function was invocated by Ms. Pavitra, Research Scholar Department of ICT. Dr. Smitha N Pai, HOD, Department of ICT, welcomed the gathering. Dr. Manohara Pai MM, Professor, Department of ICT, gave insight about the annual workshop, ping.

Dr. Madhusudhan Govindaraju, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Vice Provost- International Education and Global Affairs, Binghamton University, New York was the Chief guest. He was introduced by Dr. Preetham Kumar, Professor, Department of ICT.

Mr. Goutham Bhat, Vice President, Cloud architecture and artificial intelligence, Deutsche Bank, Bengaluru, India, and Lt.Gen (Dr) M D Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor, MAHE were the guests of honor at the function. Radhika M Pai, introduced Lt.Gen (Dr) M D Venkatesh and Dr. Manjula Shenoy introduced Mr. Goutham.

Presidential remarks were then delivered by Dr.(Cdr) Anil Rana. He was introduced by Dr. Balachandra, Professor, Department of ICT. The function was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Preetham Kumar, Professor, Department of ICT.

Day 1: 25.03.2022

The speaker for Session2 was Mr. Rajneesh Rai, the Senior cloud security architect. Session gave details on the use of AI in Deep fake to create fake profiles, audio, and videos, and the consequences of these fake stuff were also discussed. Mr. Rai spoke on Various AI system errors, the characteristics of high bias and high variance in ML models, and threat modeling. Threat modeling is used to meet the three main objectives of an application: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. And gave information about stride, s a brainstorming tool that is used to identify the potential threats in the critical assets.

Mr. Kiran Puthukudy, senior cloud architect covered the basics of AI, machine learning algorithms with many examples. An AWS tool for working with ML and DL models was also demonstrated.

Day 2: 26.03.2022

On the second day of the annual workshop, ping was engaged by the resource persons Mr. Nalini Mathusoodanam, senior research scientist, gave a demo on a Case Study for Recognizing and predicting the health of a system using continuous learning thereby constructing concepts into reality

Mr. Sudhir Mahale, Lead of cloud and AI architecture, spoke about how the IT Operations that existed for several years, are getting transformed into AI Operations.

The valedictory function of the workshop was held in the evening. Dr. Poornalatha G, Professor, Department of I&CT. The participants gave feedback about the program. Dr. Somashekara Bhat, Joint Director Chief guest for the function addressed the gathering. He was introduced by Dr. Ajitha Shenoy, Associate Professor Senior scale, Department of I&CT. Dr. Rashmi N Raj, Assistant Professor selection grade, gave an overview of the 2 days workshop. Dr. Raghavendra Achar, Associate Professor Senior scale presented the vote of thanks.