thrustMIT Team achievements in Spaceport America Cup 2023

July 11, 2023

Congratulations to team thrustMIT for their remarkable achievement in the 'Spaceport America Cup 2023'!  

With great pride, we acknowledge the team's successful rocket launch, reaching an impressive altitude of 10,000 feet, closely approaching the target apogee of 10,331. The fact that the rocket was recovered intact is a testament to the team's meticulous planning and execution. Participating in the prestigious 'Spaceport America Cup' competition, held in New Mexico, USA from 19th to 24th June 2023, is a testament to the team's dedication, passion, and engineering prowess. Your accomplishment in this event is a testament to your hard work, knowledge, and innovative thinking.

The successful rocket launch and recovery demonstrate your team's ability to overcome challenges, work cohesively, and showcase your technical skills on a global platform. The entire team, including members, mentors, and supporters, deserves recognition for their relentless efforts. May this success fuel your passion for aerospace and propel you to even greater heights in your future endeavors!

*Team Achievements:
- 57/67 in 10,000 feet COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) category
- 101/119 in Overall Standings
- 85/119 in James Barrowman Award