M.Sc by Research in Biotherapeutics



M.Sc. (By Research) in Biotherapeutics:

The M.Sc. (By Research) in Biotherapeutics program at MCBR will help both industry partners and MCBR fully exploit the potential of novel and cutting-edge therapeutic avenues by carrying out innovative research in Biotherapeutics.

This Two Years translational program is comprised of one-semester classroom coaching and an intense three-semester research project with practical training and internship experience that will equip aspiring postgraduates for a successful career in Biopharma in the areas of Biotherapeutics.  


Career prospects:

In the Master’s program (By Research) in Biotherapeutics at MAHE, you are trained for a scientific career in Biotherapeutic discovery, and development.

After graduating, you are theoretically and experimentally trained in all relevant aspects of Biopharmaceutics. You have hands-on experience in a specialized research project. The combination of expertise in biopharmaceutical research and academic skills makes you attractive for employers, irrespective of the chosen specialization. All students who complete the master’s in Biotherapeutics, regardless of the specialization, will find a job in the field of drug discovery and design, or the development and production of biologics, including quality, safety, and clinical trials. Jobs outside research include various functions in the pharmaceutical industry, in biotechnology companies, or with the government.

Many graduates from the Biotherapeutics program can also choose a career in scientific research and pursue a Ph.D. degree. After obtaining your Ph.D. degree you can continue as a postdoctoral fellow and subsequently, via a tenure track position at the university, develop further to the assistant-, associate-, or full professor.


Highlights of the Programme:

  •  Information literacy and skills to retrieve and review existing evidence
  • Planning, designing, and executing a research project
  • Principles of GMP/GLP/GCP/Biosafety and Bioethics
  • Managing research data (including bioinformatics) and implementing statistical analysis
  • Writing of research thesis and presenting the arguments (defense)
  • Communicating research outcomes to the scientific community – conference presentations, original publications, and reviews. Outreach programs to the community
  • Developing a research proposal in biotherapeutic research
  • Enhancing research visibility by developing trained human resources


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2 years 

Key Dates & Deadlines


Mar 15 24

Mar ' 24

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