International Conference 2017

Start Date: March 17, 2017

End Date: March 18, 2017

International Conference

Organized efforts to use communication process and the Media to propel social and economic improvements is a policy decision in developing countries. Amid high hopes that Radio and Television could be put to service in the world’s most disadvantaged countries to spear dramatic progress, Development Communication emerged in the late 1950’s. In the context of development, the communication media are generally used to support initiatives for disseminating information that encourage the public in supporting such projects. The communication Policy of National Governments, sometimes influenced by international organisations , shape the communication processess. Strategies for communication in developing countries may differ but the standard pattern for the Press and the Broadcasting Media have been similar, predominantly informing the population about initiatives, illustrating the advantages and recommending the public to support them. The study of communication and media policy covers the processes of policy making which involves actors and institutions as well as sets of beliefs and values that underline the justification of certain decisions related to communication strategies. Attention needs to be paid on the systematic study of the effects of the policy, for audiences as consumers and as media dependent citizens. This conference intends to bring together academicians, professionals and students engaged in Communication and Media Studies to discuss the nuances, characteristics, prospects and challenges related to Communication strategy and Policy in India. 


  • Media ownership
  • Media consumption patterns
  • Education, Environment, Agriculture, Women & Child, Health & Nutrition, Terrorism & Violence in relation to Policy & Development
  • Other Related Areas in Communication, Media and Development