About ICA

International Communication Association (ICA) aims to advance the scholarly study of communication by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research worldwide. ICA officially emerged on 1 January 1950 as the National Society for the Study of Communication (NSSC).

It began as a small association of U.S. researchers and is now a truly international association with more than 5,000 members in over 80 countries. Since 2003, ICA has been officially associated with the United Nations as a non-governmental association (NGO).

Manipal Regional Hub

Manipal Institute of Communication is chosen as the 72nd ICA conference’s only regional hub in South Asia. In the light of ICA Conference theme One World, One Network‽ , Manipal hub attempts to bridge the geographical fissures by assembling diverse discourses on communication scholarship under one umbrella.

In this context, Manipal hub will host panels with eminent media and communication academicians and practitioners across South Asia. The emerging scholars of the institute will engage with eminent researchers over an array of topics. Further, relevant ICA sessions and regional hubs from across the world will be live-streamed from Manipal Hub. The regional hub will be held in virtual mode between 26-30 May 2022. 

About the Conference

The 72nd Annual ICA Conference theme One World, One Network‽ invites reimagining communication scholarship on globalization and networks. The use of the interrobang glyph - a superposition of the exclamation and question punctuation marks – seeks to simultaneously celebrate and problematize the “one-ness” in the theme.

Communication scholars have interrogated the “one-ness” of networks among individuals, families, children, organizations, communities, cultures, media systems, and nation-states, among others. More recently, scholars have explored the communicative implications of networks in the human brain as well as networks of humans and autonomous agents (robots, AI). The 72nd Annual ICA Conference will be held in Paris between 26-30 May 2022.

ICA-Manipal HUB 2023

Manipal Institute of Communication invites abstract submissions to the ICA – Manipal Regional Hub 2023 being organized in tandem with the 73rd Annual International Communication Association’s Conference between 26 May 2023 – 30 May 2023 in Manipal, Karnataka, India.

Call for Papers

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Message from ICA Chairman

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