Dr. Shankar M Bakkannavar

Faculty Coordinator for Student Research Forum

Student Research Forum (SRF)

KMC SRF is a dedicated forum to help the students who are interested in research activities. It is a platform for the students to get oriented about research, start it and excel in the field of research. The KMC SRF conducts series of research orientation workshops throughout the year. The ample opportunity would be provided to the students to formulate their ideas into research with the help of faculty advisors. There is a fully functional website which contains every detail about the SRF and its activities. Every year the students would be helped to prepare for the ICMR STS with specific workshops. The unsuccessful ICMR STS applicants would be given another chance to continue their research by providing institutional studentship called KMC – STS.  The student members of SRF are actively involved in many programs and conferences conducted in the college periodically. The IGCLA, IGMM, Hackathon are the few such programs where students are involved. The KMC SRF is doing the job of molding the students to become a research oriented students along with their academic excellence.

Every year the students are involved in Indo German Convention of Lindau Alumni (IGCLA), an international conference for students in which students around the world participate with eminent personalities as resource persons.

This year we have 5 workshops planned from UG research cell. They are 1) ICMR STS 2022 Preparation Workshop which enables the students to prepare themselves for the short-term studentship sponsored by ICMR, 2) Introduction to research which gives an idea to the students who are new to research about the research and its importance. It also enables them to have basic knowledge about research, 3) Grant opportunities for UGs and PGs which gives an idea to interested undergraduate students to know about various funding agencies and grant opportunities for short term studentships and small projects, 4) Basic statistics for undergraduate research which enables the students to understand the simple statistics required for small projects and 5) Orientation to ICMR STS 2023 Preparation Workshop which is prepare the students for upcoming ICMR STS.  Along with these, we will have guest talks to motivate students for research periodically. 


Aditij Dhamija

Student coordinator for Student Reaserch Forum


In KMC Manipal, students actively pursue research in their fields of interest. They are helped and guided every step along the way by their guides who serve to mentor the students as well as clear any doubts that may crop up during the period of research. The teachers are all very approachable and help the students in both writing and publishing their own research. In order to promote research, the Student Research Forum organises various workshops throughout the year to orient the students and also to clear various misconceptions about research. The topics that are dealt with in these workshops include but are not limited to ICMR-STS, literature review, poster presentation, case presentation, finding a research question, etc. The response towards these ventures has always been enthusiastic as more and more students have been driven to pursue research not only for their career aspirations but also to gain a deeper understanding of their course matter. At SRF we are constantly working to promote the quality of research among the undergraduates as it is often overlooked and we have tried to ensure that the quality of work coming from our students is of international standards and can be published in reputable journals of great impact. We hold special workshops to ensure students apply for the Short Term Studentship program offered by ICMR which is an excellent opportunity for students to dip their toes into research and also get rewarded with a stipend for their research work. The SRF facilitates the process of finding a guide, finalising a topic, and proof-reading of the protocols for any adjustments or suggestions. Students are also able to publish their work under Open Access in reputed journals vetted by MAHE through its various agreements with publishers. MAHE also encourages publication via the PRAISE scholarship which provides a monetary incentive for quality publications in vetted journals. Students of MAHE are able to access a number of journals through the library portal which helps the students stay updated on the advancements in medical science and also aids them in writing quality literature reviews and research papers. MAHE also provides its students access to Up-To-Date for quick access to current scientific knowledge; TurnItIn to check for plagiarism; and Grammarly to check for their language to ensure that the students provide impeccable work of the highest quality. This ecosystem ensures that the research output of the college is maximised and the quality of work is ensured at all levels. As a result, students have been able to publish their work in reputed journals and have won poster and case presentation competitions at the state and national level.


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