The Simulation Centre at Kasturba Medical College is a unique facility delivering expert multidisciplinary healthcare training. We use a range of simulation-based education methods to allow all healthcare staff to learn, rehearse, and perfect patient care to understand the significance of teamwork and communication with the help of simple to highly complex experiential learning in alignment with established medical curricula and enterprise goals.


It is a recognized center by the American Heart Association and conducts regular training programs on AHA Basic and Advanced Life Support. It is supported by a strong army of instructors for conducting training programs from various specialties. The center has a range of more than 100 training manikins, from simple task trainers to the most complex, interactive, computer-based training units such as the SimMan™


The Medical Simulation Centre is unique in that it provides learning by close to realistic clinical experience. As theoretical knowledge is immediately supplemented by practice, the learning experience is more likely to be complete. Students of all constituent colleges under the Manipal Academy of Higher Education including Medical, Dental, Nurses, and Allied Health colleges are trained at this Centre. Select courses are even tailored for other employees of the University, Police, Firefighters, Ambulance drivers, and even the lay public. 




The Simulation Centre has various trainers to cater to professional services in a variety of fields. High-fidelity simulators such as the SimMan™ can be programmed to test the ability of a student to integrate assessment and diagnostic skills into decision making.



Other trainers are:

  • Basic Life Support trainer
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support trainer
  • Airway trainer (including bag-mask ventilation and endotracheal intubation)
  • Difficult airway trainer (for advanced learners)
  • Peripheral intravenous access (adults and neonates)
  • Central venous access (adults)
  • Direct arterial cannulation (adults and children)
  • Umbilical artery cannulation (neonates)
  • Spinal tap (neonates)
  • Normal labor and labor in special situations
  • Pelvic, breast, ear, and eye examination
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Trauma scenarios
  • Advanced clinical scenarios (SimMan™).  




  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • American Heart Association Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
  • Basic Neonatal Resuscitation Program (BNRP)
  • Advanced Neonatal Resuscitation Program (ANRP)
  • MAHE Basic Life Support (MAHE BLS)
  • MAHE Advanced Life Support (MAHE ALS)
  • Airway Management Training
  • Lumbar Puncture Training
  • Parenteral Drug Administration
  • Birthing Simulation

Advanced Clinical Simulation (SimManTM)



Skills lab

The Skills lab facility at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal provides medical undergraduate and post-graduate students resources to practice and improve skills as per the specified NMC competency-based undergraduate medical curriculum. The students are taught skills using manikins and trainers with different levels of complexity and fidelity in the skills lab, thus providing an opportunity for students to observe, learn and practice skills in a safe environment. The skills lab activities cover teaching and preparing various skills such as clinical, procedural, and communication skills including teamwork.


The skills lab fulfills the requirements as per the NMC UG curriculum

  • Dedicated patient examination rooms (25 in number) for examination of standardized/simulated patients by the individual student with facility for video recording and review
  • Rooms for demonstration of skills in small group
  • Review and debriefing rooms
  • Cubicles for practicing skills and procedures individually and in groups
  • Storage space for manikins and equipment
  • Room for faculty and coordinator
  • Trainers and manikins of various fidelity

o   IM injection trainers-12

o   IV injection trainers-12

o   Skin suturing-14

o   Cather insertion-20

o   Normal delivery with pelvic trainers-4

o   Tracheal intubation including pediatric trainers- 12

o   Breast examination trainers-5

o   Whole-body manikins-1