SOP: Certificate Course in “Research Vitals for Ph.D. Scholars”

Vision and Mission: This coursework is designed to promote research via research talks by national/ international scientists, advice on how to continue research, provide networking opportunities for future jobs and provide guidance with grant writing to Ph.D. scholars.

This certificate course will be held in 2 portions as follows:

Bi-annually (Jan-June & July-Dec):

1. Research Focus Talk Series – once in a month and quarterly quizzes on 2nd Fri of the month, 3 - 4 pm.


Research orientation; Networking for research; Future postdoctoral opportunities in guest speaker’s laboratories/ industry ties; Generation of research environment; Promotion of peer discussions.

2. Grant writing Workshop – once in a month for 2 hours on 2nd Fri of the month, 11 am – 1 pm.


Hands-on grant writing workshop where student can write a real grant for submission at national level granting agency (e.g. ICMR) if the group can be created in that manner; Building Mentor and Mentee relationships.

Certificate Course Approval: In January 2022. 


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