COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected human lives and has posed as a major challenge to the public health sector. Moreover, it has elucidated the necessity of constructing a more flexible healthcare system which specifically caters to the requirements of individuals affected by it.  Here at KMC we have incorporated multiple research projects that would aid in the process of overcoming this obstacle. 


S. No.  Project Principal Investigator
1 Psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown Dr. Suvrati Bansal
2 Personal Protection Equipment and intubation experience: a multicentre observational study Dr. Rachana
3 Preparedness of the Indian palliative care services to face COVID-19 pandemic: An online survey for rapid assessment Dr. Naveen Salins
4 Emotional Impact and Resilience due to Isolation (EIRI) during COVID 19 among college students and staff- A web-based survey Dr. Veena Nayak
5 Local dental emergencies during Covid epidemic – survey among practicing dentists Dr. Tina PP
6 Knowledge, competency and perceptions of respiratory therapist as frontliners in managing COVID 19 cases- A questionnaire-based survey. Miss. Pratibha
7 POCUS in patients with severe acute respiratory illness during the COVID-19 pandemic: A Prospective Observational Cross-sectional study Dr. Sanjan. A
8 Impact of Covid-19 lockdown among dental professionals Dr. Swathi Pai
9 Assessment of fear and the level of preparedness of medical care staff in the state of Karnataka towards the lifting of the lockdown and reestablishing of a fully functional health care system in the realms of the covid-19 pandemic. Miss. Prabhleen Kaur Sibal
10 Experiences of youth during the COVID-19 pandemic – The MINDS study Dr. Varalakshmi Chandra Sekaran
11 Telemedicine Effectiveness during COVID 19 pandemic - case study from a tertiary teaching hospital Miss. Brayal
12 Retrospective analysis of asymptomatic familial cluster with history of travel and diagnosed with COVID-19 Dr. Shashikiran Umakanth
13 Impact of a pandemic on international experience among global health students – a qualitative study Dr. Kumar Sumit
14 Offline versus online presentation: Evaluation of the tradeoff between Efficacy & Challenges of the tectonic shift in the face of Covid pandemic Dr. Vijetha Shenoy Belle
15 Pattern of acute MI admissions in India during COVID-19 era: A Cardiological Society of India study Dr. Prasad N. Shetty
16 Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices among dental practitioners on methods of infection control while carrying dental procedures during novel Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic Dr. Neetha Shenoy
17 Chest x ray findings with clinical severity in hospitalized COVID19 patients. Dr. Nandakrishna B
18 A multicenter cross-sectional observational questionnaire-based study to evaluate the awareness and practice of mechanical ventilation strategies and treatment care plan of COVID-19 patients amongst the treating physicians Dr. Sagar Maddani S
19 A clinico-epidemiological study of respiratory emergencies treated at the emergency department during the COVID-19 pandemic in a tertiary care center in Karnataka. Dr. Freston Marc Sirur
20 Assessment of the preparedness and planning of emergency departments in India during the COVID - 19 pandemic- a multicentric study Dr. Vivek Gopinathan
21 The Patient-Healthcare worker relationship: Is it worsening during coronavirus pandemic. A questionnaire-based survey in India Dr. Megha Sharma
22 COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on dental students in South India Dr. Prajna P Nayak
23 Weathering the storm: Psychological impact of COVID 19 pandemic on clinical and non-clinical health care workers Dr. Margiben Tusharbhai Bhatt
24 SARI definition - Treatment and economic implications on non COVID patients admitted to SARI ICU Dr. Sunil R
25 Online teaching for medical students during lockdown phase of Covid 19: Student perceptions and preference Dr. Apurv Barche
26 “Prevalence and predictors of stress, anxiety and depression among health care workers who are in the front-line management of COVID-19 Pandemic in India - a multicenter observational study “ Dr. William Wilson
27 Knowledge, attitude and practice of health care professionals in pandemic of coronavirus (covid-19) Dr. Vyshak U S
28 Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Towards Covid-19 -An Online Survey Among Indian Residents Miss. Aneena Varghese
39 The experience of patient and family caregivers on radiotherapy treatment during the COVID 19 pandemic Dr. Shirley Lewis Salins
30 Outcomes of surgery in COVID-19 infection: International cohort study (CovidSurg) Dr. Stanley Mathew
31 Outcomes of elective cancer surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis: an international, multicenter, observational cohort study (CovidSurg-Cancer) Dr. Stanley Mathew
32 Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding personal protective equipment during COVID-19 pandemic among health care professionals in a tertiary care hospital in India Dr. M V Ramya Kumar
33 CovBase - The formulation of a Clinical Databank by Retrospective Consolidation of Indian COVID-19 Patient Data Dr. Kavitha Saravu
34 Treatment strategies adopted by Radiation Oncologists for Head and Neck Cancer during the Covid 19 pandemic Dr. Priyanka Augustine
35 Importance of a Multidisciplinary Tumour Board (MDTBs) during the COVID 19 Pandemic for the Oncologists- Questionnaire based study Dr. Umesh V
36 Study of impact of COVID-19 on blood transfusion services: A single center experience from coastal Karnataka Dr. Dhivya Kandasamy
37 A Phase II, Open-Label, Randomized Controlled Trial to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of Convalescent Plasma to Limit COVID-19 Associated Complications in Moderate Disease Dr. Shamee Shastry
38 Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Anatomy Teaching Learning Dr. Sushma Prabhath
39 Teleophthalmology experience during COVID-19 lockdown Dr. Ankita
40 Pattern of orthopedic trauma related cases in Covid-19 lockdown period in a tertiary care center Dr. Siddarth Kamath
41 Perception towards blood donation among blood donors during COVID pandemic in Southern Karnataka: Knowledge, attitude and practice survey. Dr. Chenna Deepika
42 Clinical charecteristics and obstetric outcome in COVID 19 suspected antenatal patients:An observational study in tertiary care center Dr. Nivedita
43 Perception of Indian dental students on seeking international dental higher education post Covid-19 pandemic. Miss. Niharika
44 COVID-19 related knowledge, attitude, practice evaluation among dental patients in Udupi District: A cross-sectional survey Dr. Deeksha Karkada
45 Impact of COVID-19 and Lockdown period on people with mental illness and their caregivers - A mixed quantitative and qualitative study Dr. Rajeshkrishna Bhandary P
46 Effects of COVID 19 specific infection control protocol on the well-being of dental professionals Miss. Vedushi Jain
47 Clinical and epidemiological study of COVID-19 patients in Udupi Dr. Kavitha Saravu
48 Evaluating the use of online Medical Education in Emergency Medicine residency programs during the COVID-19 pandemic: A Cross-sectional Survey Dr. Vimal Krishnan
49 Evaluating the use of E-Learning in an Indian University during the COVID-19 pandemic: A Cross-sectional Survey Dr. Vimal Krishnan
50 Questionnaire on use of mask: Knowledge and attitude amongst individuals during COVID 19 Dr. Ranita Ghosh Dastidar
51 Complications of Personal Protective equipments in the general public through the dermatologists’ eye: - A questionnaire-based study. Dr. Snigdha N. Hegde
52 Retrospective study of COVID-19 in Obstetrics Dr. Shashikala Bhat
53 Strategies used in a psychiatry rehabilitation centre during COVID-19 period and its impact on clients continuing their stay vs those discharged – A Retrospective follow up study. Dr. Rajeshkrishna Bhandary P
54 Distress, Anxiety and impact of Covid-19 in non -affected people who were under Quarantine Dr. Rajeshkrishna Bhandary P
55 “An Unusual Rise in trauma due to Fall from Tree during the summer months of the COVID-19 pandemic in Karnataka – A Retrospective Study” Dr. Chethana A S
56 Correlation of laboratory biomarkers - serum albumin, CRP, D-dimer and LDH with severity of COVID-19 infections Dr. Shubhada
57 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on graduating dental interns: A student’s perspective Dr. Mathangi Kumar
58 Determining the association between COVID 19 and cancer: An observational study Dr. Krishna Sharan
59 Experiences among nurses caring patients with COVID 19: A thematic analysis. Dr. Leena Sequira
60 GlobalSurg-CovidSurg Week: Determining the optimal timing for surgery following SARS-CoV-2 infection Dr. Badreesh L
61 Comparison of Management and Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus before and during COVID-19 across different socio-economic strata- an online survey. Miss. Pooja
62 Effect of covid-19 on the diet and lifestyle of adults (25-60 yrs) Miss. Jasmine
63 A survey from mother’s perspective on the impact of increased screen timing on the overall health status of school- going children during COVID-19. Miss. Humaira Fatima Shah
64 Assessment and comparison of diet and lifestyle practices of MAHE students from multi-disciplinary professional courses, pre and during COVID. Mr. Aswindev
65 Implications of COVID-19 on screen time, physical activity, sleep pattern and dietary intake among students (18-23 years). Miss. Reshma Mariam Santhosh
66 Use of Food Consumption Score and Dietary Diversity Score as indicators to compare the nutritional status, dietary diversity, and potential risk of micronutrient deficiencies among young and middle-aged adults, pre and during COVID times Miss. Sudeepti Pramod Nayak
67 Association between consumption of non-alcoholic beverages (pre and during COVID times) and nutritional status, stress levels and work performance of working from home adults 25-45 years Miss. Shreya Majumdar
68 Challenges faced by the researcher in conducting research during COVID-19 pandemic at MAHE Dr. Divya Karanth
69 Assessment on knowledge of Anganwadi workers on ICDS supplements and their overall health status during COVID-19 Miss. Chandhani D Kamath
70 Work from Home and its impact on Stress level and Nutritional Status of IT professionals during COVID-19 pandemic. Miss. Bhargavi Bhaskar Hegde
71 A cross sectional study on teacher experience, stress and coping in adapting to online teaching during pandemic Mr. Joshua Andrade
72 Impact of Maternal Nutrition, Lifestyle and Knowledge on Discomforts/Complications during Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes during COVID-19 Pandemic. Miss. Parachuri Anuhitha
73 Indian COVID-19 Childhood cancer Registry Dr. Vasudeva Bhat K
74 Assessment and comparison of diet and lifestyle practices of IT professionals pre and during COVID Miss. Endabetla Shivani
75 Assessment of nutritional and health status of Beedi workers pre and during COVID times Miss. Shwetha Kotian
76 Impact of COVID-19 on exercise regimen, diet regimen and weight change in athletes Miss. Rachana
77 Assessment of Diet quality, mental health status and safety measures followed by the hospital support staff during COVID-19 Miss. P. Vaishnavi Yadav