Dr. Veena Nayak

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacology


    Dr Veena Nayak, Department of Pharmacology, KMC Manipal.

    She :

    • Teaches undergraduate  and post graduate students
    • Develops curriculum and practical records
    • Provides academic counselling to students
    • Guides undergraduate and postgraduate research
    • Provides Basic Life Support training to undergraduates
    • Is an member of pharmacovigilance committee
    • Is a resource person for workshops.


Subject Semester / Year
Pharmacology 3rd to 5th semesters


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MD Pharmacology JN Medical College, Belgaum 2007
MBBS JJM Medical College, Davangere 2001


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC, Manipal Associate Professor 06/2011 till date
KMC, Manipal Assistant Professor 10/2007 to 06/2011
K S Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore Assistant Professor 06/2007 to 10/2007


Area of Interest

Pharmacovigilance , Pharmacoeconomics , Psychopharmacology

Area of Expertise


Area of Research

Pharmacovigilance , Pharmacoeconomics , Psychopharmacology

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Life Member of Indian Pharmacological Society, 2005.
  • Life Member of Indian Medical Association, 2009.  

Oxidative stress in schizophrenia patients with and without diabetes mellitus

2013-01-01 Nayak V Bambrana V Yaparthy N

Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2013, 3(18), 29-32.

Antiamnesic and Neuroprotective Effects of low dose of ramipril and losartan in scopolamine-induced amnesia

2013-01-01 Deb D Nayak V Bairy KL Rao MKG Shetty J Hegde MV Koshy SS

RJPBCS, 2013, 4(1):1174-1181.

Cross sectional study to know the prevalence of liver dysfunction , anaemia and metabolic syndrome in the koraga community in udupi district of South Karnataka India

2013-01-01 Mungli P Shetty JK Vanishree B Sharma V Nagalakshmi Y Devareamane V Bhandary PV Nayak V

Int J AJ Inst Med Sci, 2013, 2(1) :3-12.

A comparative study between yakshagana artists and healthy controls for antioxidant markers and liver function parameters

2012-01-01 Vanishree B Sharma V Nagalakshmi Y Devaramane V Nayak V

IJHSR, 2012, 2(1):50-56.

Effect of atorvastatin ,simvastatin lovastatin on animal models of epilepsy: A comparative study

2012-01-01 Nayak V Devaramane V Bhandary PV Ramanan H Thomas AT

IJCRR, 2012, 4(11):30-33.

Hepato-protective activity of plectranthus amboinicus against paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity in rats

2012-01-01 Shenoy S Kumar H Thasma Nayak V Prabhu K Pai P Warrier I Somayaji VM Bairy KL Kishore A

IJPCS 2012, 1(2):32-38.

Pharmacovigilance: workshop for undergraduate medical students

2012-01-01 Mohan L Chogtu B Bairy KL Nayak V

IJHSR, 2012, 2(1): 153-156.

Hepato-protective activity of aloe vera gel against paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity in albino rats

2011-01-01 Nayak V Joshi C Rao SS Madhav NM Bairy KL


Teaching of critical analysis of drug advertisements to medical students

2011-15-04 Nayak V Chogtu B Adiga S Bairy KL


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Glaucoma- Prescribing pattern and cost analysis

2014-01-01 Krishna Montirekha

Seventh semester Studying the prescription pattern and cost effective medication for glaucoma.

Effect of Kava thirg, manthan and pongu oil on burn wound healing in wistar rats

2014-01-01 Dr Shabari Anand

MSc Pharmacology. To study the effect of three siddha medications on wound healing.

Effect of fluroquinolones on blood glucose level in euglycemic rats

2014-01-01 Rajeshwari

MSc Pharmacology. To study the effect of three siddha medications on wound healing.

Comparison of different statins on acute and chronic models of epilepsy

2014-01-01 Poornima BM

MSc Pharmacology. To study the effect of statins on seizures.

Comparison of adrenergic blockers on excision wound healing in wistar rats

2014-01-01 Manohar B

MSc Pharmacology. To study the effect of beta blockers on wound healing.

Management of alcohol withdrawal: A prospective study

2014-01-01 Praveen

MSc Pharmacology. To study prescription pattern of alcohol withdrawal states.