Mr. Srinidhi Gururajarao Chandraguthi

Senior Grade Lecturer

Department of Radiotherapy Oncology


    • Srinidhi Gururajarao Chandraguthi teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students.
    • He is co-ordinator and in charge of MSc, MRP, BSc and MRT courses.


Subject Semester / Year
Physics, Nuclear Medicine and Statistics
Radiation Physics, Radiation Quantities and Units 2nd semester
Radiation Detection, Measurement and Instrumentation 2nd semester
Physics of Radiotherapy 3rd semester
Radiation Safety and Regulations 3rd semester
Recent Advances in Radiotherapy 4th semester
Clinical Radiation Dosimetry and Radiation Standardization 4th semester
Radio therapeutics


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Diploma Radiological Physics University of Mumbai 2004
MSc Nuclear Physics Kuvempu University 2000


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC, Manipal Senior Lecturer in Medical Physics 04/2013 till date
KMC, Manipal Lecturer in Medical Physics 10/2004 to 03/2013


Area of Interest

Clinical Radiation Dosimetry, Recent advances in radiation therapy, Quality Assurance and Radiological Safety.

Area of Expertise

Physics of Radiotherapy, Clinical Radiation Dosimetry, Recent advances in Radiotherapy

Area of Research

Clinical Radiation Dosimetry

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Life Member of AMPI, 2005.
  • RSO Level III (Radiological Safety Officer), Radiological safety, RP&AD Mumbai, 2004.

Linear accelerator : A reproducible, efficacious and cost effective alternative for blood irradiation

2013-01-12 Shastry S Ramya B Srinidhi GC Ninan J Bhat SS Fernandes DJ

Transfusion and Apheresis Science

Semen abnormalities, sperm DNA damage and global hyper methylation in health workers occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation

2013-01-01 Kumar D Salian SR Kalthur G Uppangala S Kumari S Challapalli S Srinidhi GC Krishnamurthy H Jain N Kumar P


Transit dosimetry using electronic portal imaging device

2011-01-01 Sruthi K

A generalized model for the implementation of in-vivo iso centre dose reconstruction by means of Elektra aSi-EPIDs that uses generalized correlation functions was studied and obtained. And meets the requirements of efficiency and accuracy, and can be easily included in the quality assurance program of any facility having ELEKTA aSi-EPID.

Determination of electron source position for elektra precise linear accelerator

2011-01-01 Shreekripa

Electron Source Positions for the standard electron applicators were measured based on Full width at Half Maximum (FWHM), Inverse Slope (IS), Inverse Square Law (ISL) and Power Law (PL) method for multiple electron energies and can be utilized for extended SSD electron treatments in the clinic.

Study of Omni wedge in digital accelerator

2010-01-01 Susan Rochelle

Omni wedge in digital linear accelerator which is a combination of Physical wedge, open field and a virtual wedge component (3-dimensional compensation) were studied and found to be useful upon clinical implementation.

Performance evaluation of Elektra precise linear accelerator

2010-01-01 Ajay Khatri

Performance evaluation of Elektra precise 1500 was done which involves various quality assurance/acceptance procedures such as electrical, mechanical, physical and dosimetric characteristics for comparing with baseline values and found to be consistent.

Beam data acquisition in Co-60 teletherapy unit for Plato treatment planning system

2005-01-01 Senthil Manikandan P

This study involves the different parameter of the beam used in treatment of radiotherapy. Percentage depth doses (PDDs) and in and cross plane profiles, wedge profiles, relative output factors, absolute dose measurement as per requirement of PLATO treatment planning system is acquired.