Dr. Sneha Deepak Mallya

Associate Professor

Department of Community Medicine


    Dr Sneha Deepak Mallya teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    • Is involved in departmental research projects.
    • Motivates and guides undergraduate students in research projects.
    • Facilitates working of Rural Maternity and Child Welfare Centre, Kaup as Centre in charge.
    • Member, Board of Studies for the year 2014-15.
    • Staff advisor, Social Welfare Committee, KMC Manipal


Subject Semester / Year
Community Medicine 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MD Community Medicine Kasturba Medical College, Manipal 2012
MBBS Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore 2008


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC Manipal Associate Professor
KMC, Manipal Assistant Professor
KMC, Manipal Tutor cum PG 2009 to 2012

Screening for Human Papilloma Virus and other DNA virus infections of the cervix among tribal women in Southern India


Co-investigator in the ICMR funded project


Area of Interest

Infectious Disease Epidemiology , Maternal and Child Health, Adolescent health

Area of Research

Infectious Disease , Adolescent Health

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Active member of Karnataka Association of Community Health, 2010. 
  • Life member of Indian Medical Association: Udupi-Karavali

Study of clinical profile and antibiotic sensitivity in paratyphoid fever cases admitted at teaching hospital in South India

2012-01-07 Pandit V Kumar A Kulkarni MM Pattanshetty SM Samarasinghe C Kamath S (Sneha Deepak Mallya)

Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care

Attitude towards euthanasia in a tertiary care hospital in South India: a cross sectional study

2011-01-09 Kamath S(Sneha Deepak Mallya) Bhate P Mathew G Sashidharan S Daniel AB

Indian J Palliat Care

Are our women aware of HIV/AIDS? A cross sectional study

2010-01-01 Shetty RS Pattanshetty S Kamath A Kamath S(Sneha Deepak Mallya)


Mass drug administration to eliminate lymphatic filariasis in Southern India

2010-01-01 Pattanshetty S Kumar A Kumar R Rao CR Badiger S Rashmi R Kamath S(Sneha Deepak Mallya)


Problem of Breast cancer in South India - A Record based study

2010-01-01 Sabu KM Pattanshetty S Darshan BB Kamath S(Sneha Deepak Mallya))


A study on awareness regarding Hepatitis B infection and vaccination among medical students

2010-01-01 Shetty RS Pattanshetty S Kamath S(Sneha Deepak Mallya)) Harrison P


Knowledge and Attitude about HIV/AIDS among medical students in a private medical college in coastal Karnataka

2014-01-01 Kini S Mallya SD Kamath VG Kamath A Coondoo A Iyer KV Sujayendra D Murali SD

A cross sectional study on relational behaviours among male adolescents

2012-01-01 Ganitya Bhusan Bhuyan

2011-12, 4 semester The main objective of the study was to analyse the familial relationship of male adolescents with the parents, perception of male adolescents regarding the environment at home and the attitude towards and influence of friends, school and school teachers. From this study, we conclude that a higher proportion of male adolescents are closer to their mothers compared to their fathers. Among the male adolescents, 89.1% had at least one close friend. At least 90% of students enjoyed their school and had many good friends at school. Majority of students (71.9%) reported that they could seek advice from at least one teacher at school whenever they have problem. Majority of the students showed positive attitude in school. An overall positive association of male adolescents with parents, family members, friends and school teachers was observed in the present study. Further studies can be done to know the reasons for such attitudes of the male adolescents.