Dr. Shyamala G.


Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology


    • Dr Shyamala teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students and does clinical work.
    • She is the Deputy Director - Student Affairs (Manipal Academy of Higher Education) since 2010.


Subject Semester / Year
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MD Obstetrics & Gynaecology Govt Medical College, Patiala, Punjab University 1997


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC, Manipal Associate Professor 2005 till date
KMC, Manipal Assistant Professor 2000 to 2005

Patent: USA patent for the invention titled “Device and Apparatus to Facilitate Cervix Cancer Screening” (Grant No:10045731)

Investigator in funded projects:

Received CAMTech India Innovation Award (Grant number 224581) from MGH¹s Center for Global Health for the proposal titled ‘Development of ECO (Easy Cervico Optimizer) - a novel device to facilitate cervix cancer screening’ with a grant of US $ 50000 (5/1/2015- 6/15/2016)


Clinical trial: Principal Investigator in clinical trial PROTOCOL GPL/CT/2013/012/III from September 2015 


Co- Investigator in project titled ‘Clinical Validation of Cervastra-a point of care system for screening cervical cancer against conventional Pap smear method’ with a fund of INR 4,86,400/ (2018-2019)


Co- Investigator in project titled ‘Anatomical classification of ultrasound images for

workflow optimization-data collection study phase 3’ by Philips India (2018) INR 6,43,100/


PI in Accuracy of 3D surface rendering of 2D ultrasound images of uterus in mapping of uterine fibroids. NESA Medtech pvt Ltd   75,284.00 (2019-2020)

Co-PI in Smart app-based rapid multiplex screening of HIV associated co-infections of at risk populations at the point-of-care: A demonstration study in India (IC IMPACTS- 25000 Canadian dollars) 

Co-PI in ‘Unexplained preterm birth and related death: Does heavy metals play heavily" with PI Dr. Dinesh Upadhya (IEC : 168/2020) (CTRI/2020/08/027498)

H2020-DBT grant (pending official approval from DBT) PRESCRIP-TEC: Prevention and Screening Innovation Project Towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer: An International project including innovative technology and ideas; using self swab HPV test for cancer cervix screening and Artificial intelligence in VIA; involving 4 countries and 7 sites within India.

NIE-ICMR E-certificate in Health Research Fundamentals by NPTEL IN 2017 (‘ELITE’ score category)

PHD guide under MAHE. Presently guiding 5 PHD students at constituent institutions of MAHE

Guide for postgraduate dissertations and research projects


Area of Interest

Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, Gyn cancer screening, Endometriosis, Perinatal medicine

Area of Expertise

Obstetric and Gynecologic ultrasound, Gynecologic surgeries, Colposcopy, High risk pregnancy

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Member of Manipal OBG Society KSOGA, FOGSI.
  • Life Member NAWFWSI.
  • CAMTech India Innovation Award from MGH¹s Center for Global Health for the proposal titled ‘Development of ECO (Easy Cervico Optimizer) - a novel device to facilitate cervix cancer screening’ with a grant of US $ 50000.   
  • Professor and Chief, Unit 3, OBG, KMC Manipal
  • Coordinator, Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program, KMC Manipal
  • Deputy Director, Student Affairs, Manipal University (July 2011-Jan 2016) 
  • Member of Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of India (FOGSI) since year 2000. 
  • Life member of Karnataka State Chapter of Association of Gynecologic Oncologists of Indiia
  • Secretary of Manipal Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society in 2002-2003. 
  • Representative of Manipal Obstetric and Gynecology Society in HIV committee, FOGSI
  • Zonal coordinator, KSCAGOI. 2017-2019
  • Executive Committee Member KSCAGOI 2020-21
  • Member ISCCP 2020-21

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