Dr. Kanthilatha Pai


Department of Pathology


    Dr Kanthilatha Pai teaches and trains undergraduate and postgraduate students.


    • Conducts examinations both sessional and University.
    • Mentors students.
    • Guides research projects and postgraduate thesis.
    • Attends faculty orientation, development and other meetings as required by the university and also workshop and conferences regularly to update the knowledge.
    • Is involved in the diagnostics: reporting histopathology and cytology samples.
    • She is Chairperson of Museum Renovation Committee at the University.


Subject Semester / Year
Pathology 3rd, 4th and 5th semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MD Pathology Kasturba Medical College, Manipal 1994
MBBS Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore 1989


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC, Manipal Professor June 2021 till date
KMC,Manipal Professor and Head 1/3/2018 to May 2021
KMC, Manipal Professor 01/03/2013 till date
KMC International center Professor 2007 to 2013
Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Tadong, Sikkim Associate Professor and Professor 2005 to 2007
KMC, Manipal Associate Professor 31/08/1999 to 13/12/2002
KMC, Manipal Assistant Professor 01/01/1995 to 30/08/1999
KMC, Manipal Lecturer 24/12/1993 to 31/12/1994


Area of Interest

Surgical pathology, Cytopathology

Area of Expertise

Dermato-pathology, Gynaecologic Pathology

Area of Research


Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Member of Indian Association of Pathology and Microbiology, 2000.

Work Experience

Organisation Role Tenure
Belhoul Speciality Hospital, Dubai Specialist Pathologist Served as a specialist pathologist 2003 to 2005.

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