Dr Raghu Chandrashekhar H

Professor and Head

Date of Joining: 24.09.2007

Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


    Raghu Chandrashekar H is Professor and Head in the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS.
    He is

    • Responsible for the overall functioning of the department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    • Represents the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the Research Council of MCOPS
    • Research guide for PhD, MPharm and BPharm students
    • Teaches BPharm and MPharm subjects


Subject Semester / Year
Cell and Molecular Biology (T) BPharm VIII Semester
Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology (P) D Pharm II year
Advanced Pharmaceutical Biotechnology M.Pharm I Semester
Proteins and Protein Formulations M.Pharm II Semester
Immunotechnology M.Pharm II Semester
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Practical M.Pharm II Semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Post Doctoral Fellowship Molecular Biology Department of Biochemistry, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. 2010-2012
PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty 2007
M Pharm Pharmaceutical Biotechnology JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty 2002


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS Professor and Head Head of the Department June 2021-till date
Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS Professor Teaching UG & PG students; Guiding MPharm and PhD students 2019-present
Manipal International University, Malaysia Associate Professor 2014 -2015
Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS Associate Professor 2012-Present
Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS Assistant Professor 2007-2012
Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS Lecturer 2007
JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty, Tamil Nadu Lecturer Teacher in-charge for Pharmaceutical Microbiology (III year B Pharm, theory and practicals) 2005-2007

Exploring Peptide Bio-therapeutics as Decoy to Inhibit Entry of Herpes Simplex Virus.

Research fellowship funded by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, India

Effect of pranic healing on wound healing – an in vitro study.

Research grant funded by World Pranic Healing Foundation, India.

Assessment of Anti-venomous Property of alpha-Crystallin Derived Peptides in Honey Bee Induced Venom Toxicity.

Research fellowship funded by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, India

Evaluation of Anti-mycobacterial Activity of Haemocoagulase Present in Botropase® Injection.

Research grant funded by M/s Jagdale Industries Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, India

Control of Herpes simplex viral infection by manipulation of viral capsid and tegument protein expression.

Research fellowship funded by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, India

Comparison of permeability across human intestinal epithelial (CaCO2) cells between formulations of ursodeoxycholic acid with or without beta-cyclodextrin.

Research grant funded by Fourrts India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India.

Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoate Co-polymers from Bacillus sp using oil refinery waste.

Research grant funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, India.

Improving Therapeutic Efficacy of Antifungal Drugs using Marine Microbial Chitinase.

Research grant funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, India.

Investigation on the Antiviral Activity of Medicinal Plant Extracts.

Research grant funded by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi.


Area of Interest

Cell Biology, Proteomics, Virology and Bioprocess Technology

Area of Expertise

Cell Biology, Virology, Peptide Therapeutics, Peptide chaperones, Microbial Technology, Proteomics

Area of Research

Virology, Peptide Therapeutics and Bioprocess Technology

Work Experience

Organisation Role Tenure
Quest Research, Bangalore Research Coordinator Streamlined contract research operations and executed many research projects on drug discovery, drug formulations development and analytical method development for many Pharma/Biotech companies

Full list of publications can be viewed at https://manipal.pure.elsevier.com/en/persons/raghu-chandrashekhar-h Involvement of terminase complex in Herpes Simplex Virus mature virion egress.

Archana Mahadev Rao Sridevi Balireddy Fayaz Shaik Mohamm Divyashree M Somashekara Raghu Chandrashekar Hariharapura

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Survivin Inhibition by Piperine Sensitizes Glioblastoma Cancer Stem Cells and Leads to Better Drug Response

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Interplay between stress and immunity triggers Herpes Zoster Infection in COVID-19 patients: A Review

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Dissolved oxygen as a propulsive parameter for polyhydroxyalkanoate production using Bacillus endophyticus cultures

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Enhancement of chaperone activity of Mini-alphaA Crystallin peptide Ms. Nainika Kotian, .

JUNE 2022 Ms. Nainika Kotian

M.Pharm Research Project (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology-2021-22)

Improving the stability and therapeutic efficacy of native nectin-1 derived anti-HSV peptide

JUNE 2022 Ms. Parnavi Ghormode

M.Pharm Research Project (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology-2021-22)

Effect of methylglyoxal modification on chaperone activity and stability of mini αA- crystallin peptide

JUNE 2021 Ms. Anusha Prabhu

M.Pharm Research Project (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology-2020-21)

Isolation and characterization of keratinolytic microorganisms for degradation of keratin rich waste

JUNE 2021 Mr. Tankasala Leela Hymakar

M.Pharm Research Project (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology-2020-21)

Plugging HSV glycoprotein gD using host cell surface receptor derived peptides to prevent HSV entry and replication

JUNE 2020 Ms. Preethi Suvarna

M.Pharm Research Project (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology-2019-20)