Dr Ethel Suman

Associate Professor

Department of Microbiology


    Ethel Suman teaches Microbiology.

    • Involved in teaching and assessment activities of undergraduates and postgraduates
    • Serve as the  BDS coordinator for Evaluation
    • Guides Short term research ICMR and Manipal Academy of Higher Education projects for undergraduates
    •  Guides M.Sc research projects and Co-guides MDS research projects of MCODS, Mangalore
    • Helps in conducting departmental scientific programs.
    • Is the qualified internal IMS auditor of the College and the internal NABL auditor of laboratory services.
    • Is the Internal Quality Assurance coordinator of the department of Microbiology


Subject Semester / Year


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD Microbiology Manipal Academy of Higher Education 2001
MSc (Medical Microbiology) Medical Microbiology KMC, Mangalore University 1991
BSc (Bachelor of Science) St Agnes College, Mangalore University 1988


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Microbiology, KMC Mangalore Associate Professor 2006 onwards
Department of Microbiology, KMC Mangalore Selection grade lecturer 2003-2006
Department of Microbiology, KMC Mangalore Assistant Professor 2001-2003
Department of Microbiology, KMC Mangalore Senior grade Lecturer 2000-2001
Department of Microbiology, KMC Mangalore Lecturer 1992-2000


Area of Interest

Epidemiology of Infections, Water Microbiology, Biofilms, Effect of Phages on Biofilms.

Area of Expertise

Biofilms formation by various bacteria and their importance in infections and antibiotic resistance

Area of Research

Biofilms in Hospital Water Systems, on Medical devices, implants and methods to eliminate them.

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Member of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of KMC Mangalore
  •  Member of the Doctoral Advisory Committee of MCODS, Mangalore
  • Member of the Board of Studies of Microbiology at St Aloysius College , Mangalore
  • Life member of IAMM.

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