Frequently asked questions about MCHP, Manipal.

    Manipal College of Health Professions is an important part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team that provides support services and rehabilitative measures for the patients in the hospital/ individual practice.

    Yes, a foreign student can apply to MCHP. As the medium of instruction is English, there would not be any problem for students from various diversities and cultures around the globe

    Group teaching sessions with blackboard, audio visual aids, presentations, lectures, seminars, and observational modes are employed alongside clinical teaching sessions. Not only this, students requiring special attention are given assistance on a one to one basis. Also, continuous educational programs on a regular basis help students to stay abreast with latest developments in their field. 

    SOAHS provides various research facilities to its students. They are given opportunity to do research at undergraduate and post graduate levels and are also encouraged to do national as well as international level presentations/ publications.
    At the Postgraduate level, it is mandatory for the students to do a thesis on a particular research area and submit before appearing for university examinations. The college provides assistance during the whole process. 

    Interdisciplinary field that explores the complex nature of human movement and how the body respond to acute and chronic physical exertion such as general fitness regimens, recreational activities and elite sports. Sports science is a sub discipline that explores the factors influencing sport performance and strategies to improving it.

    Exercise and science encompasses many disciplines, but not limited to exercise physiology, movement analysis, training & conditioning, athletic training, Sport and execise nutrition, sports management and sport & exercise psychology.

    There is a growing demand for exercise and sports scientists around the globe, more so in India.  The allotment of INR 200 crores for sports (for the first time) in the union budget 2014 is evidence enough that the government is eager on improving India’s standing in sports. Sports scientists play a key role in maximizing performance of athletes

    On the other side, Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) is increasing in alarming proportions making our nation the global capital for all comorbid illness. With exercise and physical activity accepted as the front line management for these conditions, there is so much scope of exercise and sports science professionals to address this emerging social menace.