Dr. Shwetha T S

Associate Professor & Head

Department of Clinical Psychology

Qualification: MSc., MPhil Clinical Psychology., Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Ethics., PhD Psychology


    Dr Shwetha T S is Associate Professor in Department of Clinical Psychology –Manipal College of Health Professions, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal.

    In addition to the teaching responsibilities of M.Phil. & M.Sc. Clinical Psychology,

    She is:

    •  Clinical Consultant
    •  Teaching UG, PG and MPhil
    •  Internal and External Examiner
    •  Supervising Community Posting
    •  ISO co-coordinator
    •  Member of Stroke Rehabilitation Clinic
    •  Member of Institutional Research Committee(IRC) and DAC Member.


Subject Semester / Year
Qualitative Research Third semester
CBT Fourth Semester
Behavioural Medicine II MPhil Students
Psychotherapy and counseling II MPhil Students
Psychosocial foundations of behavior I MPhil Students
Psychological Testing I MPhil Students
Clinical Psychology BASLP,BPT,RRT,CVT,RT,BOT
Clinical Psychology PSW.PG Psychiatry
Psychological Testing BSc, MSc Nursing
Psychotherapy Processes MSc third semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
M.Sc. Clinical and Counseling SDMPG College and Research Studies 2007
M.Phil. Clinical Counseling Institute of Rehabilitation Center 2011
Postgraduate Diploma Clinical Ethics Yenepoya University in collaboration with Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany 2016
PhD Psychology SDMPG College and Research Studies Mangalore University 2017


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Oxford College of Arts Lecturer Teaching 2 years
Department of Psychiatry & Peadiatrics Assistant Professor Clinical and Teaching 5 years 6 months
Departement of Clinical Psychology,Manipal College of Health Professions(MCHP) Assistant Professor Teaching faculty and Clinical supervisor 7th August 2017 – 26th April 2022
Departement of Clinical Psychology,Manipal College of Health Professions(MCHP) Associate Professor Clinical training, Psychotherapy supervision, Consultation, teaching April 27th 2022 - till date

Anxiety Sensitivity in Panic Disorder


Principle investigator Research Period :2009-2011

Children of Devadasis-A Psychosocial Research

2016 Publication of APA Division 35 Section IV Shwetha.T.S

Principle investigator Research period: 2011-2016


Area of Interest

Child and Adolescent, Sexuality and Special Populations, Anxiety Disorders, Child Sexual Abuse, Cultural Studies and Environmental Psychology/Science

Area of Expertise

Research, Clinical and Teaching

Area of Research

Cultural Studies, Special Population, Anxiety Disorders

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

Professional Affiliations:

S.D.M. College, Alumni Association (P.G. Department Psychology): Life Member

Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (IAAP)                         : Life member

Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist(IACP)                     : Life member

Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists (ASECT): Life member

Social Scientist in Ethics Committee(A.J.I.M.S)                           :2012 to 2017

Anti-Ragging Committee (A.J.I.M.S)                                             :2012 to 2017



  • Merit Award for highest marks in Optional Kannada Language for all 3 Years in B.A.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for working with Disable people given by Samarthana Trust for the Disabled.
  • Research paper entitled: Anxiety Sensitivity in Panic Disorder received Best Paper Award Presented at 41st National Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist, 2015.
  • Ph.D. Research paper entitled: Devadasi system and Social exclusion –A qualitative study was awarded as Best Paper at International Conference on Women Empowerment & Social Sciences, March 05–07,2015, The American College in collaboration with International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation, India.
  • Received best paper award for paper titled: Inhibitory Control and Irrational Procrastination among Students with Social media addiction   in 57th national and 26th international conference of Indian academy of applied psychology(IAAP) organized by Department of Clinical Psychology, Mizoram university from 27th to 29th January,2022
  • BOS –Member of SDM Degree College, Ujire, DK.
  • BOS-Member for Mangalore University, Mangalore.
  • BOE-Member of SDM PG college,Ujire nominated by Mangalore University for 2019-2022

Multidisciplinary Approach to Road Rage-A Critical Review

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Devadasi system and social exclusion –A qualitative study

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Devadasi system and its impact on their children

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Social and nonsocial cognition in bipolar disorders, first degree relatives and Healthy Controls

2020 Shwetha.T.S Uma.M.G.

Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, Volume XX, Issue X, DOI: 10.1177/0253717620957936. 

Early bonding, Parenting Styles and Temperament: Association between three-generational Aspect of Parenting

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From Musings to Paper: Mindfulness and Mind Wandering among Expressive Artists

2021 Shwetha .T.S Avneet Kaur

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Effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions on wellbeing and work related stress in the fincial sector: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Effects of yoga on cognitive functions among adolescents

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Development of strategies to support home based exercise adherence after stroke: A Delphi Consensus

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Book Chapter 

Finding the Long-Lost Path: Developing Environmental Awareness Through the Pandemic –Book Chapter was published in “The Impact of COVID 19 on Green Societies Under Environmental sustainability, Springer Publication, Page no-93-112;ISBN 978-3-030-66490-9 (eBook) https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030- 66490-9

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2022 Shwetha.T.S Pragnya, N.

Effect of silent pandemic on mental health? A lesson learned and way forward published in Mental Health: A Global Concern and Conviction with ISBN:978-93-54935-84-8.

    Commercial Sex Work in India-Nalini Tells her story”

    2016 Publication of APA Division 35 Section IV

    Perspective- on lesbian, bisexual and transgender concerns”, 2016 Publication of APA Division 35 Section IV

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