MSAP_RETREAT 2022-2023

March 12, 2023

Geographically away from the Institution and very peacefully, the constituent coordinators of MSAP discussed and put forth their processes, ideas, thoughts, and strategies to achieve the goal & objectives set for the growth of MSAP. The discussions and suggestions were given by Dr. Preetham Kumar (Deputy Registrar, Academics, MAHE) along with Dr. Nandineni Rama Devi (Director, MSAP) & Dr. Pradeep. G. Kini (Joint Director, MSAP) was very fruitful to take MSAP to the top in all aspects.

The retreat of MSAP spread positivity and created a clearer understanding among the coordinators and across the different constituents. It unified the team MSAP with trust and strength to align with the pillars of MAHE to take MSAP to the next best level.