September 08, 2022

International delegates from the Design School, Arizona state University (ASU) visited MAHE- Manipal school of Architecture and Planning(MSAP) on 8th September 2022 for potential joint collaborations and outreach. 

The institution welcomed Ar. Paula Sanguinetti (Director, Professor at The Design School, ASU). Sunny Kuo (Assistant Dean, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at ASU).Holly (Moninder) Singh (Assistant Vice President, International Students, and Scholars Center at ASU).Niky Chokshi (Executive Liaison, International Graduate Admissions at ASU)

The Heads of the Institution at MAHE - Manipal School of Architecture and Planning (MSAP)  Director Professor. Dr. Nandineni Rama Devi, Joint Director Administration, and Teaching Professor Ramaswamy R N., Associate Director - Research & Collaboration Professor Dr. Pradeep G Kini, Associate Director Academics & Examinations Professor Sanghamitra Roy & Coordinator - Department of Design Professor Dr. Veena Rao formally welcomed and introduced the guests to the organizational workflow and potential collaboration

The Research and Collaboration team  Associate Director - Research & Collaboration Professor Dr. Pradeep G Kini, Ar. Sanjeev Kumar (Assistant Professor Senior Scale), Ar. Vidya Rao (Assistant Professor, selection grade), Ar. Rutuja Sunil Ulhe (Assistant Professor), Ar. Krutika Ajit Madkaiker (Assistant Professor) was present.

Faculty Participants for Presentations were held by  Dr. Veena Rao (Program Coordinator-DOD), Ar.Trivikram (Associate Professor), Dr. Kirti Nishant Nikamb (Professor), Ar. Sahana (Associate Professor), Ar. Pranav Kishore (Assistant Professor Sr. Scale), Ar. Ujjwala Chourasia (Associate Professor), Prof. Dr. Deepika Shetty, Dr. Anoop Kumar Shukla. (Assistant Professor Sr. Scale), Ar. Sonali Walimbe (Professor) & Dr. Vishal Chettri (Assistant Professor)