The Bologna-IN Project (€ 43,200)

(Project Reference: 575108-EPP-1-2016-1-IN-EPPJMO-PROJECT)


Despite historically interconnected and established similarities in terms of size and multiplicity of cultures and languages - due to geopolitical reasons - India and EU seem to be distant. Formation of the European Union has redefined the member states national higher education policies with a dramatic increase of the internationalization of national higher education institutions. India as an emerging economic power has attracted the attention of European policy makers while it seems undisputed that the cooperation among still has a long way to go.


It is in the interest of both actors to exchange their strengths and benefit from each other. The proposed project’s objective is to create platforms to disseminate information on the EU higher education policy, to share best practices in higher education particularly in the field of student mobility and recognition of studies abroad. The debate on the Bologna process in India could offers solutions to the current deficiencies of harmonization and internationalization of the Indian academic system. Among international cooperation initiatives, the academic network remains the single largest factor in improving the political debate and research quality.


Key milestones of BOLOGNA-IN project: I) Spread information with the complementary workshops: “Bologna Process - the European Higher Education Area: ECTS, Mobility, Employability and Internationalization of Indian Higher Education System” and “EU Higher Education Policy: International Openness, Research and Innovation, Quality Assurance and EU Education Grants” ; II) dissemination of two booklets on EU Higher Education policy addressed to an Indian audience; III) Launch the informative and consultancy website; IV) IV. A gathering of academicians, chancellor, policy-makers, sectoral organizations, Jean Monnet beneficiaries at the International Conference "EU Higher Education Policy and the Internationalization of Indian Higher Educational System".