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Erasmus Manipal Network (EMN) is an initiative
By whom?

  • The beneficiaries of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, Erasmus + Credit Mobility Project and other projects under the Erasmus program from Manipal
  • The network includes students and faculty members from Manipal who have had a chance to be a part of the Erasmus program

For Whom?

  • Aspiring students and faculty members from MAHE and around Manipal, who wish to participate in Erasmus program
  • Higher education institutions within and outside MAHE motivated to apply for the institutional projects in Erasmus program

Why do we need EMN?

  • Since the late 1980s, the Erasmus program has facilitated student and staff mobility as well as contributed towards institutional cooperation between universities in Europe and the rest of the world
  • There is an increasing interest to participate in the Erasmus program within and around Manipal
  • Growing awareness and interest within MAHE to participate in Erasmus Programme
  • From 2013 to 2018, there have been more than 60 outgoing mobilities including Erasmus and other fellowships to Europe from MAHE

Objectives of EMN?

  • EMN strives to widen this network in terms of its outreach and size
  • EMN aims to provide information to the aspiring beneficiaries of Erasmus program from Manipal
  • Erasmus experience – goes beyond books, a semester abroad is a culturally enriching endeavour – facilitate similar experiences for a larger community in Manipal
  • Similar yet different learnings from Erasmus experience – platform to share and learn from each other – bring out Dos and Don’ts for the aspiring Erasmus students and faculty members in Manipal


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