EU Economic Integration and European Identity (€ 99,847)

(Project Reference no.: 587610-EPP-1-2017-1-IN-EPPJMO-CHAIR)


The teaching activities proposed by the Chair reflect the fundamental principles on which the Manipal Centre for European Studies is built – multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity. With an aim to provide students with a holistic view of the European integration process, not only different courses from economic, political and social perspectives are offered but also an amalgamation of ideas is provided. European economic integration if provides with an insight into the economic possibilities and challenges of the EU, the course on cultural analysis deals with how the same challenges have brought people of Europe together. It is difficult to discuss the Optimum Currency Area in isolation from the social realities on the ground, as the new currency also required a cultural acceptance of the people for whom it was proposed. As a common cultural narrative was said to be missing in the creation of EU collective identity, the Euro crisis and the actions that followed to address it are said to be bringing the people of EU together. Therefore, it is ideal in today’s contexts to study economics and culture together. The teaching activities of the Chair are compulsory courses for MA European Studies. Started in 2010, this is the only postgraduate program in India in European Studies. Students enrolled in MA European Studies come from diverse backgrounds. Some are experienced professionals who desire to acquire specific knowledge in the functioning of the EU while some with undergraduate studies in technical or other sciences wish to explore and understand the EU integration process. These are students with limited exposure to European integration processes, but decide to enroll into the postgraduate program with an aim to pursue, or improve, a career within the framework of the EU-India political, economic and peer-to-peer relations. This group of young people with good knowledge of the EU integration process would act as ambassadors of goodwill between the two regions – India and EU.