Specialisation in

·         Clinical Psychology

·         Organisational Psychology

·         Forensic Psychology 


Program Description: 


A comprehensive understanding of human behaviour is central to addressing many of the critical issues we face.  An advanced degree in Psychology is crucial to address mental health issues, promote well-being, and navigate diverse societal challenges.


M.Sc. Applied Psychology in Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Bengaluru, is a full-time two-year program designed to provide training in both theoretical and practical aspects of psychology. The programme is meant for students who wish to acquire specialized knowledge in the field of psychology. Besides domain-specific skills, the degree equips learners to enhance their empathy, refine their social communication, and develop necessary problem-solving skills. Its aim is to nurture their academic interest along with a focus on personal growth and awareness.

The courses are curated to integrate hands-on experiential learning, clinical training, and research. Learners can choose from the three core specialization areas to pursue their career or research paths: Clinical Psychology, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, and Forensic Psychology.


A few of the distinctive courses under the program are Rehabilitation and Correctional Psychology, Cyber Forensics, Talent Management, Compensation Strategies and Retention Management, Behavioural Medicine, Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis among others.


The programme is designed to prepare competent professional psychologists with high ethical standards and social consciousness who would excel in their knowledge of, orientation to, and practice in psychology.



·         Demonstrate a broad and comprehensive knowledge of core topics and skills in the discipline of psychology and their applications in research and professional contexts. 

·         Training in theoretical and practical aspects of various psychological tests and supervised training in specialised areas of psychological assessment 

·         Provision of clinical exposure in dealing with various mental-health-related conditions 

·         Exposure to specialised areas of clinical, organisational, and forensic psychology  

·         Opportunity to assist trained professionals in conducting skill-training workshops for mental health and well-being. 

·         Scientific rigour in integrating social science and the principles of psychology to contribute to the welfare of individuals and society.  



Career prospects: 


In addition to opportunities in higher education and research, the learners who complete the programme will be competent to work as: 

·         Psychologists in hospital settings 

·         Counsellors in schools, educational centres and corporates 

·         Project Associates in community mental health centres 

·         Well-being Officers in the public sector  

·         Human Resource Managers 

·         Corporate Counsellors 

·         Correctional Counsellors 

·         Rehabilitation Psychologists 

·         Criminal Analysts 

·         Life Skills and Soft Skills trainers 

·         Consultants in Law enforcement agencies 

·         Forensic social workers 

·         Behaviour profiling consultants 

·         Teaching Faculty for UG and PG Psychology Programmes 

·         Research Assistants in Project

·         Assistants to Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists in

psychometric evaluation .

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Key Dates & Deadlines


Jun 30 24

Jun ' 24

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date


2 years (4 semesters)