To offer a multidisciplinary liberal arts undergraduate program through the BA Humanities

To offer a world class post-graduate education in English, Sociology and History

To contribute to quality research by nurturing a mentor based PhD program

To create and sustain a high impact research facility

To develop a model of excellence at the national and international level, both in terms of quality teaching as well as in producing original ideas about contemporary societies

To establish a culture of humanities both in the campus, the local community and in the larger society, consistent with the values of Manipal Academy of Higher Education


Vision and Values


To be acknowledged as a pioneer in enabling an ethically sensitive and socially responsible program in the Humanities.

To be able to provide a holistic interdisciplinary and academic training and pedagogy in Humanities 


Dignity: We intend to conscientiously inculcate the value of social responsibility to respect the dignity of diverse communities.

Creativity: We will seek to develop and encourage creative thinking combined with rigor and depth in all learning processes and initiatives.


Excellence: Our core activities in research and teaching will strive for the highest international standards.

Self-reflexivity: We will foster open communication, feedback and critical review of ourselves and others, and endeavor to constantly challenge ourselves. 

MCH was started with the ambitious vision of revitalizing post-graduate Humanities education in India.

Dr. Sundar Sarukkai Professor and Founding Director 2010–2015