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Dept of E & E 

The department started in the year 1960 is one of the oldest departments of Manipal Institute of Technology. Currently the department offers an under-graduate program (B.E) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an annual intake of 120 students and 2 post-graduate programs (M.Tech) in Energy Management, Auditing and Lighting (EMAL) and Power Electronic Systems and Control (PESC) with an annual intake of 18 students each. The department also offers Ph.D programs in specialized areas. The department has a dedicated team of 37 faculty with masters specialization in Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Illumination Technology. Control Systems, VLSI Design, Digital Electronics, Computer Science, Engineering Management with 17 support staff members. Infrastructure facilities include well equipped laboratories namely Circuits & Measurements Lab, Electrical Machinery Lab, Integrated Electronics Lab, Microprocessors & Embedded Systems Lab, Power Electronics & Drives Lab and Lighting Measurements Lab. It also has an additional department library and excellent computer facilities with latest educational softwares like MATLAB / SIMULINK, EDA design tools from Mentor Graphics, Cadence & Prototyping boards and lighting softwares such as AGI32, ADELINE, RELUX, ECOTECT, Lumen Designer and Power System Simulator like MiPower and PSCAD etc.

The core competence of the department are in the areas of Lighting & Energy Studies, Power & Control Systems and Power Electronics & Drives. Promoted consultancy, testing and research activities, healthy industry-institute interaction are some of the strengths of the departments. The curriculum based on a credit scheme is updated periodically to reflect changes in the Electrical Engineering profession in consultation with experts from industries and other renowned academic institutions. Some of the innovative practices included as part of the curriculum are Practice School (opportunity to carry out the project work in industry during 8th semester), mini projects associated with the lab courses, continuous evaluation, relative grading etc. These efforts have been well appreciated by the industries and as a result, we have achieved nearly 100 % campus placement.

Department Objectives 

  • Provide Quality Education at all levels
  • Enhance research activities and integrate it with teaching-learning process
  • Promote effective interaction among faculty and students
  • Develop and sustain an environment to encourage creativity and teamwork
  • Maintain close links with leading industries and academic institutions
  • Conform to the highest standards of professional ethics


To be among the top 20 departments in the country offering academic programs in Electrical Engineering

Department Milestones 

  • 1960, B.E (Electrical Power) affiliated to Karnatak University
  • 1965, Affiliated to Mysore University
  • 1980, B.E (Electrical & Electronics)
  • 1989, M.Tech (Illumination Technology)
  • 1998, Affiliated to VTU, Belgaum
  • 2000, Under Manipal University (Deemed University)
  • 2001, Credit System (4 point)
  • 2003, Academic Autonomy, Revised Credit System (10 point)
  • 2003, Academic Autonomy, Revised Credit System (10 point)
  • 2008, Revised B.E. syllabus (2007 batch)
  • 2008, Introduced new PG course on Power Electronic Systems & Control
  • 2008, PG course in Illumination Technology is restructured as Energy Management, Auditing and Lighting

E & E Department Faculty Team

Dr. Radhakrishna S. Aithal, Dr. Vinod V. Thomas, Dr. Chandrashekara S. Adiga, Dr. Ciji Pearl Kurian (HOD)

Additional Professors
Sri. V. Nagaraj, Sri. B. K. Singh, Sri. Mohan Kumar S

Sri. M. Vijendra Kamath, Dr. H. Ravishankar Kamath, Sri. H. Nagaraj Udupa, Dr. Savitha G. Kini, Dr. P. Giridhar Kini

Selection Grade Lecturers
Sri. Harish Padiyar U, Mrs. Jayalakshmi N. S, Mrs. Rajalakshmi Samaga B. L (Study Leave), Sri. Gururaj H. V, Mrs. R. C. Mala, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

Senior Lecturers
(Dr.) P. N. Hrishikesh, Mrs. Sandhyalakshmi G. Navada, Mr. Harish Kumar J, Mrs. Chandrika B. K, Mr. Mahesh M (Study Leave), Sri. K. Shankaranarayana, Sri. Shailesh K. R, Sr. R. Shivarudraswamy (Study Leave), Sr. Laxman Rao Paragond

Sri. Narasimharaju B. L (Study Leave), Mrs. Bharathi R. B, Mrs. Bindu S, Mr. Arun P. Parameshwaran, Mr. Pramod Antony D'Sa, Mr. Vineet Patil, Ms. Susan G. Varghese, Mr. Sudheendra Prabhu, Mr. Rajiv M. David

Our Heads of Department ...

  • Prof. R. K. Baliga [1960 – 1961]
  • Prof. G. M. Krishnamurthi [1961 – 1965]
  • Prof. T. Radhakrishnan [1965 – 1985]
  • Prof. D. R. Rao [1985 – 1990]
  • Prof. K. V. Adiga [1990 – 1999]
  • Prof. K. Umasankar [1999 – 2001]
  • Prof. K. R. Varmah [2001 – 2002]
  • Prof. Dr. Radhakrishna S. Aithal [2002 – 2005]
  • Prof. Dr. Vinod V. Thomas [2005 – 2008]
  • Prof. Dr. Ciji Pearl Kurian [2008 - till date]