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1. What are the courses/programs offered by Manipal University at graduate level?
Manipal University offers medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, allied health, biotechnology, engineering, architecture, hotel management, journalism, jewellery management and e-banking and finance.

2. What is the duration of the courses/programmes?
a. Medicine: MBBS – four and half years plus one year of compulsory internship
b. Dentistry: BDS – four years plus one year of compulsory internship
c. Pharmacy:
     i. B. Pharm – four years
     ii. Pharm D – five years plus 1 year internship
d. Nursing:
     i. BSc Nursing – four years plus six months internship
     ii. Post Basic BSc Nursing – two years
e. Allied Health: - four/three years depending on the courses followed
f. Biotechnology: BSc Biotechnology – three years
g. Engineering: BE – four years
h. Architecture:
       i. B Arch – five years 
      ii. Bachelor of design (Fashion Design) - four years
     iii. Bachelor of Scinece (Fashion Design-Couture) - three years
     iv. Bachelor of Arts (Interior Design) - three years
      v. Diploma in Fashion Design - 2 years
i. Hotel Management:
        i. BHM – four years
       ii. BHM - lateral  - three years
j. Hospitality Studies - BA in Culinary Arts
k. Journalism and Communication: BAJC – three years
l. Jewellery Management & Design: BBA JDM – three years
m.BBM   (i) e-banking & Finance                        – three years
               (ii) Financial Markets                            – three years
               (iii) Professional                                    – three years

3. What is the medium of instruction in the class?

4. What is the tuition/course fee for the various courses conducted at your university?
Please check our website: and click 'Admissions - international admissions’.

5. Is there any capitation fee?
No. There is no capitation fee. You only pay course and other fees which have been mentioned in the fee schedule ( (click 'Admissions - international admissions’).

6. Other than the course/tuition fee what other fees needs to be paid?
Other than course/tuition fees, you have to pay for hostel accommodation and mess charges which has been mentioned in the hostel fee schedule.

7. Is there any provision for concession or scholarships?
Manipal University is a self financed university and does not receive any grants from the Government. Hence concessions or scholarships are not offered to students admitted under foreign/ NRI quota.

8. Is there any management quota?
No. We do not have any management quota. Only two quota's - general quota, admissions of which are based on the ranking obtained by the student in the entrance exam conducted by Manipal University and the other is foreign/NRI quota, where admissions are direct based on merit as per the marks/grades obtained in the qualifying examination (10+2 or equivalent exam).

9. Do you have a sponsored quota?
Yes, other than MBBS and BDS, all other courses have a sponsored quota.

10. Who can sponsor?
Parents, parents direct brothers/sisters or candidates direct brothers/sisters holding NRI status can sponsor for undergraduate courses.

11. Can an NRI sponsored student pay the course /tuition fee in Indian rupees?
No. Course/ tuition fee has to be paid in US Dollars only by the sponsorer.

12. What is the total number of seats for foreign/NRI quota?
15% of the total seats are reserved for foreign/ NRI quota.

13. What are the eligibility requirements for admission?
Please visit our website: (click 'Admissions - International Admissions’).

14. When do I apply?
Students can start applying from January 2014 onwards.

15. How to apply and from where do I get the application?
You can either download the application from our website: (click ‘Admissions -International Admissions’) or if you want the application form and brochure to be posted/mailed to you, then write to: by giving your postal address. The application and brochure will be sent to you thereafter by post/mail.

16. When is the last date to submit the application?
May 31, 2014 is the last date to submit the application form for MBBS course. For all other courses, applications will be accepted till seats are filled up under foreign/ NRI quota.

17. How do I send the application and required documents?
Application along with required documents and application fee as mentioned in the checklist of the application, can be sent by post/courier/speed post to the following address:
Deputy Director, International Admissions
Manipal University
Manipal 576 104, India
Phone: +91-820-2571000/2922400
You can also first scan the application and the required documents and forward it to: and then forward the original application by post/courier/speed post to the above address.

18. Once I apply what will happen?
Once you send in your application along with the required documents and application fee, we will register it and an application number will be allotted. Application number will be informed to you by e.mail. In the e.mail, we will also inform you as to when we will be offering the admission letter or if we require some additional information, we will write to you.

19. Do you have any agents through whom we can apply?
No. We do not have any agents through whom you can apply. Students/ Parents should contact us directly for any information/admission. Manipal University will not be responsible if students have applied through agents and have lost their money.

20. Is there any entrance exam for foreign/NRI quota?
No. There is no entrance exam for foreign/NRI quota. Admissions to the MBBS course is based on merit as per the grades/marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the 10+2 or equivalent examination. For all other courses, admission is based on first come basis provided student meets the eligibility requirements.

21. Then how do candidates who have written the IB or the A Levels get admission to the MBBS course as their results are declared in July/ August 2014?
A few seats are offered to students of IB or ‘A’ Levels students based on their  predicted IB  results or ‘AS’ Level results.

22. Do you offer conditional admissions to students who have written the 10+2 or equivalent examination?
Yes. We do offer conditional admissions to all courses except MBBS, if the candidate submits his/her 11th grade mark sheet plus 12th grade pre-final/pre-board results.

23. Where is Manipal?
Manipal is in South India and is in Karnataka State. Capital of Karnataka State is Bangalore.

24. How do I get to Manipal?
You can get to Manipal via Mumbai or Bangalore. Mangalore is the nearest airport to Manipal and everyday 8-9 flights fly to Mangalore either from Mumbai or Bangalore. Manipal is 65 kms. from Mangalore. Trains are also well connected to Manipal and the nearest railway stations are at Mangalore and Udupi. Udupi is 5 kms. from Manipal. Overnight buses also ply from Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, etc.

25. From Mangalore, how do I get to Manipal?
You will have to take a prepaid taxi to Manipal from Mangalore airport.

26. Can a foreign student study at Manipal with a 'Tourist Visa'?
No. A foreign student (citizen) can study at Manipal only with a 'Student Visa'. If the foreign citizen is of Indian origin, then he/she can apply and get a PIO (People of Indian Origin) Card or and OCI (Overseas Citizen of India). Candidates with PIO or OCI can study in India without a student visa.

27. How do I apply for a student visa or PIO or OCI?
You can apply for a Student Visa or PIO or OCI with your nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate. You will have to apply for a Student Visa based on the confirmed admission letter issued by the Deputy Director,  International Admissions.

28. When should I arrive at Manipal Campus or Mangalore Campus, if accepted to any of the programs offered at Manipal University?
Students can plan to arrive 1-2 days prior to the commencement of classes. Accepted students will be  informed of the exact date in the letter of confirmed admission.

29. What type of hostel accommodation do you provide to students?
Please visit our website: (click ‘Hostels').

30. Can a student move straight to the hostel room on arrival at Manipal?
No, Only after the student has completed the admission formalities/registration as mentioned in the confirmed admission letter, will a student be permitted to move into the hostel. On arrival, students are advised to move into the hotels reserved by them.

31. Do you have internet facilities at Manipal and Mangalore campuses?
Yes, internet facilities are available at Manipal and Mangalore campuses. AC hostels are connected. Wireless internet facilities are available in some areas.

32. What medical facilities are available to students admitted at Manipal University?
All students admitted will be covered by Medicare at its teaching hospitals in Manipal and Mangalore. Consultation and bed charges are free.

33. Food
Indian food- vegetarian or non-vegetarian is served in the hostel mess. At Manipal, there is a food court where a variety of food is served.

34. How is the climate there?
From June to October - rains (heavy/ moderate), November to January- very mild winter or pleasant and February to May- hot and humid (up to 38º C).

35. Whom should I contact for details regarding under foreign/NRI category?
For admissions to the graduate courses please contact:
Dy. Director, International Admissions
Manipal University
Manipal 576 104, India
Phone: 91-820-2571000/2922400
Fax: 91-820-2571908 Email: