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Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humanities 

(Designated as Centre of Excellence by Manipal University)

The craze for medical and engineering education must not be at the cost of vital subjects of arts, literature and philosophy.
 Dr. T.M.A. Pai, Founder, Manipal University

I have taught literature all my life in Indian and foreign Universities. Nowhere in my experience philosophy and social sciences were taught in an interdisciplinary way except in this school. MCPH has an excellent approach in its syllabus and its students will be unique as practitioners and teachers of literature. I could see they are trained to think creatively because of the courses they take in several branches of the Humanities.
 Prof. U.R. Ananthamurthy, eminent Kannada writer and Jnanpith laureate

I have to say that I do not know another Masters program in India--and few elsewhere--that is working so hard and so creatively on behalf of humanities education. MCPH is asking its students to take as seriously as possible core questions in culture and power, across time--at present and through history--and space--in India and outside of India. It is demanding that they learn major works, both theoretical and empirical. It is inviting them to confront the problems, and promises, of disciplinary and interdisciplinary work, and to bring the "two worlds" of the science and the humanities into conversation. And it is insisting that they understand the importance of clear and precise writing. What more could one possibly provide one's students?
 Prof. Sheldon Pollock, Arvind Raghunathan Professor of South Asian Studies, Columbia University, USA.

MCPH has an international reputation because of its extraordinary faculty who are committed to studying how mind, body, and society are co-constitutive, or bound together to form our ethical dispositions toward law, medicine, education, and economics. Our department reached out to form an international network with MCPH because their research represents the future of humanities and social sciences not only in India, but in the world.”
 Prof. Carolyn Rouse, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University, USA.

MCPH is a space shuttle centre where we speculate and conceive new ideas that, literally and metaphorically, can launch us into our orbits. It thrives on a culture of sharing, both among faculty and peers. While the course content is interesting, the co-curricular activities enable us to engage with new ideas and interesting people. Personally, my time at MCPH has opened my mind and life to possibilities and alternatives. On my personal journey of a thousand miles, MCPH is the first step.
 Padmapriya, student, M.A. (2011-2013)