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Dr Nikhil Govind
PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Official Phone:0820-2923157
• 11 semesters of teaching in the South and South East Asia Department, Berkeley
Courses taught include: 1) Islam in South Asia 2) Post Colonial South Asian Literatures 3) What is Hindu spirituality? 4) Intellectual History of Modern South Asia 5) Caste and Gender in Contemporary South Asia and 6) Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary South Asia
• 1 semester as Graduate Student Instructor in the Religious Studies Department, Berkeley
Course taught: Religion in Modern India from the Nineteenth Century to Independence
• 1 semester as Graduate Student Instructor for a new Department Course, Berkeley
Course Taught: Religion and Nationalism in Modern India
Areas of Interest in teaching
• Political thought in South Asia
• Indian literatures and Philosophy
Top 5 research publications/ Projects
  • Between Love and Freedom: Narrative, Sexuality and the Figure of the Revolutionary in the mid-century Hindi novel, Routledge, forthcoming
  • “The Hindi Novel: Nationalist Morality and Its Discontents”, in Oxford Handbook of Hindu Literature, edited by Dr W.J. Johnson and Dr. James M. Hegarty, Oxford University Press, forthcoming. 
  • “What is Modernism in Hindi Literature?”, in Hindi Modernism; Rethinking Agyeya And His Times, edited by Vasudha Dalmia, Center for South Asia Press, Berkeley, 2012.
  • "Reading Savarkar: Disequilibriums in Hindutva's Notion of National-Unity-at-all-Costs", eSocialScience, 2011.
  • Govind, N. Some Ethical Tradeoffs in Mental Health Legislation and Practice. Ind J Med Ethics.2012. July-Sep